Nearly 10,000 Minnesotans Have Been Cited For Breaking Hands-Free LawMinnesotans appear to be having a hard time adjusting to the hands-free law.
St. Paul Police Say Man Died After Trying To Rob Church Of Scientology EmployeeSt. Paul police say a man who pretended to have a gun tried to rob someone in a Downtown parking ramp, and later died from injuries he suffered in the struggle with his intended victim.
Minneapolis Man Exposed As Commander Of Nazi-Led Unit DiesHis family denied he was ever at the scene of the attack, though a second AP report uncovered testimony from a former soldier in Karkoc’s unit who said Karkoc ordered his men to attack the village, Chlaniow, in retaliation for the slaying of an SS major.
Da'Qwan Jones-Morris, Victim Of St. Paul Gun Violence, Immortalized With Henry Sibley High ScholarshipA teenage victim of St. Paul's deadly gun violence problem last year will have his memory live on in a special way.
St. Paul Police Investigate City's 3rd Homicide Of 2020St. Paul police are investigating a fatal shooting Tuesday evening in the North Frogtown neighborhood.
ICE Deports St. Paul Resident Who Killed Man While Driving DrunkJose Orlando Vasquez-Guillen was convicted of alcohol-related criminal vehicular homicide.
2 Arrested For Damaging Snowmobile Signs In NW WisconsinAuthorities in northwestern Wisconsin say two people have been arrested in connection to damage to snowmobile signs that cost thousands of dollars.
Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire Charged With Drunken DrivingThe mayor of Eagan is accused of driving drunk and crashing into a snowbank with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.
Hennepin Co. Attorney Mike Freeman Announces Felony Charges Against Former Owners Of Merit DrywallFreeman credited a joint effort from the Department of Commerce’s investigators and the carpenter’s union for bringing the injustice to light.
Authorities Investigating After Stolen Vehicle Found On Fire In Meeker CountyThe Meeker County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a stolen vehicle was discovered on fire Sunday morning.
WCCO Exclusive: Ex-Sex Assault Examiner Speaks Out On Why She Thinks She Was FiredNurse Kristi Jarvis lost her job as coordinator for the sexual assault program at Hennepin Healthcare last spring. Now, her firing could reopen criminal cases.