Children Come To Learn, Mourn At George Floyd's Memorial In S. MinneapolisChildren have not shied away from 38th and Chicago; many in fact have come to learn, mourn, and see history unfold in front of their eyes.  
Mall Of America To Reopen June 10After postponing its previously scheduled reopening date of June 1, the Mall of America announced today that it will be reopening on June 10.
BCA Investigate Man Who Died While In Maplewood Police CustodyA man has died while in police custody in Maplewood. According to the release, the suspect was having a medical issue during their interaction. 
MPD Releases Personnel Files Of Four Former Officers Involved With George Floyd's DeathThough a large portion of the total 235 pages have been redacted, the documents contain the officers' employment history, and reveal some of their behavior during their time in the department.
Minneapolis Agrees To Ban Chokeholds & Require Officers To Intervene Against Unauthorized Use Of ForceNegotiators for the city of Minneapolis have agreed with the state to ban the use of chokeholds by police, and to require police to report and intervene any time they see an unauthorized use of force by another officer.
Trump Says George Floyd Would Say 'This Is A Great Thing That's Happening For Our Country'Trump also commented on the job performance of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey during last week's violence unrest.
'Big Gentle Giant': Philonise Floyd Remembers His Brother George"I want a conviction. I want justice for him. And everybody who follows him will understand he's a peaceful guy, gentle giant, and he would want none of this going on."
How To Give Back To Your Besieged CommunityMany community institutions have pledged to remain dedicated to fighting for good, for unity and for togetherness in a time of violent division.
Gov. Tim Walz Says State Can Turn Dial Again, To Allow Indoor Dining, Limited Gym UseGov. Tim Walz says the state is ready to make another turn of the proverbial dial toward normal social restrictions.
Western Wis. Man Receives 22-Year Prison Sentence For Killing SonA 44-year-old western Wisconsin man faces over 20 years in prison for the killing of his son at their home in 2018.
'Layers Of Accountability': Mayor Jacob Frey Signs Temporary Restraining Order Forcing Immediate Reforms In Mpls. Police Dept.Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has signed a temporary restraining order (TRO) with the state of Minnesota, which will force immediate policing reforms for the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of George Floyd’s death.