Local Water Cooler

Energy Star Recommends Keeping Homes No Cooler Than 78 DegreesHowever, when you're at work, they recommend 85 degrees. And when you're sleeping, keep it at 82 degrees.
Summer Past-Times Becoming Too Unaffordable, Survey FindsSixty-eight percent of people surveyed said they had skipped recreational activities in the past year because they were not affordable.
Minneapolis Man On Crusade To Reclaim Emotional Support Pigs From Animal ControlThe debate of whether or not Larry Johnson should get them back has been going on for months, a battle that started with a trip to the golf course.
Married At 26? Parents By 27? Survey Reveals Most Common Milestone GoalsPeople think their "forever home" should be attained by at 37. And retirement should ideally happen at 63.
Workers Generally Most Productive On Mondays & TuesdaysEmployees also say their biggest distraction is coworkers who are too social or chatty.
Today's Parents Spent More Time Outdoors In Youth Than Their Kids AreA new survey of adults in the U.K. shows 4 in 5 say they spent more time outside than kids do now.
FDA Uses Magic Tricks In First TV Ads To Keep Teens From VapingExperts worry that e-cigarettes could put kids' developing brains at risk, get them hooked on nicotine early in life, and be a gateway to smoking and other drugs.
No One Wants The Middle Seat On Airplanes, But This Design Could Change That"It's still going to suck," Hank Scott, the founder and CEO of Molon Labe Seating, told CNN. "Now it's going to suck less."
1 In 3 Home Improvements Made To Keep Up With Neighbors, Survey FindsAlso, 42 percent said there's still competition with neighbors to have the best house on the street.

Offbeat National News

Veterinarian Issues Warning After Using Bone Saw to Remove Chew Toy From Dog's MouthA veterinarian in Missouri says a dog in his care might have died if he hadn't used a bone saw to remove a chew toy lodged in the pet's mouth.
Cocaine Worth $1 Million Hidden In Bananas Shipped To Grocery StoresHuge shipments of cocaine were found stuffed inside boxes of bananas at three grocery stores in the past week, authorities in western Washington state said.
Study: People Who Post Selfies Are Seen As Less Likeable, InsecurePeople who post more selfies than posies to their social media accounts tend to be viewed more negatively by others, a new study said Tuesday.
Pan Am Games Protesters Put On Probation For 12 MonthsTwo U.S. athletes have been placed on probation for 12 months for their political protests last week at the Pan Am Games.
Study: Cannabis Chemical May Have 'Major Impact' On Pancreatic Cancer TreatmentA chemical found in the cannabis plant has demonstrated "significant therapy potential" in treatment of pancreatic cancer, according to researchers from Harvard University’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Mother Says Child Protective Services Impostors Tried To 'Snatch My Kid'A mother in Washington state says two strangers posing as Child Protective Services agents showed up at her house Monday and tried to take her 4-year-old son away from her.
'This Is Absurd:' Cheerleader's Mother Disturbed By Gun Raffle FundraiserAn Ohio mother says she was upset when her 7-year-old daughter was recently asked to sell raffle tickets for a semi-automatic gun for her cheer squad.
Scientists Say Heat Wave In Alaska Is Killing Large Numbers Of SalmonScientists are blaming unprecedented heat wave this summer for reduced salmon populations in parts of Alaska.
Church Wipes Out $3 Million In Medical Debt For 1,589 Local Families"It’s one thing to communicate to you ‘we love you’ to a community. It's another to demonstrate," said Chris Abington, senior pastor at City Church in Russellville, Arkansas.