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Do You Care If You're Smarter Than A Robot?Would you get mad if you were outsmarted by a robot? New research shows that many people would be.
Most-Searched Pie In Minnesota: French Silk, According To GoogleIt's March 14 and Minnesotans are celebrating Pi Day the only way anyone ever should -- with lots of delicious pie.
Woman Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring After Trip To FloridaLast year, MSP Airport says they received nearly 8,500 items at the lost and found department, and typically reunite about 40 percent of the items with their owners.
'Deranged Person' Holding Pillow Turns Out To Be Cardboard Standee Of MyPillow CEOA Good Samaritan was looking to help, police said, a "deranged person standing outside in the cold hugging a pillow."
Bad Dogs: Multiple 911 Calls To Lakeville Police Earn Pups A TutLike a stick being thrown and then repeatedly retrieved, a pair of dogs apparently placed multiple phone calls to police in Lakeville.
'Green Book’ Is More Than An Oscar-Nominee: The Story Behind The BookThe first edition was published in 1936. For 30 years it was the guide for black travelers as they drove this country.
Minnesota Wild Hosts Esports Tournament At Mall Of AmericaWhile tournament players took on each other, Minnesota Wild players faced off with fans, comparing similarities between hockey on the ice and hockey on the screen.
What Does Sweet Martha Do The Other 50 Weeks Of The Year?Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar is consistently the Minnesota State Fair’s top vendor. In 2018, she sold a reported $4 million in bite-sized chocolate chip cookies.
Who Approves New Emojis?Greg Welch is with the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit group in California that comes up with the standards for all devices.

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Some Women Turning To Laughing Gas As Alternative To Drugs During ChildbirthNitrous oxide laughing gas is now available to help women in labor.
Stunned Man Finds Bright Green Iguana In Toilet, Calls 911What's bright green, about two feet long, and something you don't want to find in your toilet?
U.S. Postal Service Reveals 'Sesame Street' Stamps"Sesame Street" stamps will be available at a post office near you sometime this year.
Dating Website Names Fastest Growing 'Sugar Baby' Schools In AmericaWith the cost of tuition and student loan debt on the rise, some college students are resorting to finding sugar daddies to pay their way until graduation.
Lawsuit: Student's Free Speech Violated After Turning In LGBTQ EssayA fourth-grade student who wrote an essay on LGBTQ rights was forced to write a new essay after she was told the topic "would create a undesirable situation at the school," according to a lawsuit.
Butterball Recalling Turkey Products Due To Salmonella ConcernsButterball is recalling almost 80,000 pounds of raw ground turkey products due to possible salmonella contamination.
Framed Photo Of Lord's Prayer Stops Bullet Fired Into HomeA Kansas woman says a bullet that flew into her home was stopped by what she describes as an act of God.
Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Require Older Men To Report Every Release Of SpermFive Georgia lawmakers are pushing a bill that would force men 55 years of age or older to report the release of sperm from their testicles.
Police: Woman Arrested With A Suitcase Full Of CatsPolice arrested a woman for public intoxication two days in a row. Officials said the first day, she was carrying a suitcase with cats inside it.