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Moviegoers Aren't Particularly Keen On Remakes, Survey FindsWe've seen plenty of them recently, everything from "Dumbo" to "Shaft," from "A Star is Born" to "Pet Sematary," from "Aladdin" to "Suspiria."
Parents Hiring Coaches To Help Raise Their Children Phone-FreeScreen consultants come into home or schools, to remind parents how people parented before. Their recommendations include "movement," like playing or painting.
Many Taking National Workaholics Day OffNational Workaholics Day, by the way, is distinct and separate from National Work Like a Dog Day, which isn't until early August.
150 Days In Jail For Wisconsin Man Who Repeatedly Clogged Women's ToiletsPatrick Beeman, 35, pleaded no contest to five counts of misdemeanor criminal damage to property.
Spiders Ranked As Most Feared Creatures, Ahead Of SnakesA group of psychologists in the Czech Republic showed volunteers 25 different animal images to gauge their fear and disgust.
Survey Finds Those Over 60 Have The Most Joy In U.S.That compared with 6.8 for 18- to 29-year-olds, and 6.6 for people 45 to 60 years old.
Newest Trend In Dating: The 'Foodie Call'It "occurs when a person, despite a lack of romantic attraction to a suitor, chooses to go on a date to receive a free meal."
Working Longer Days Connected With Increased Stroke RiskFrench researchers found people who work more than 10 hour days at least 50 days a year increase their chance of stroke.
Survey Suggests Average Person To Spend $139 On Father's DayAccording to the National Retail Federation, we will spend a record $16 billion on Father's Day gifts this year.

Offbeat National News

Woman Orders 'Moana'-Themed Birthday Cake, Gets Marijuana Design InsteadA miscommunication resulted in an unusual birthday cake for a Georgia woman.
Couple's MAGA-Themed Wedding Celebrates President TrumpA Michigan couple says in addition to celebrating their love, they decided to use their wedding day as an opportunity to celebrate President Donald Trump.
Driver Cited For Using 30-Can Beer Pack As Toddler's Booster SeatA driver in Canada who allegedly strapped a toddler to a beer case instead of a car seat was charged with failing to properly secure a child, police said.
Foster Mom Upset After Transgender Son, 9, Turned Away From Summer CampAn Arizona mother is speaking out after she was told her 9-year-old transgender foster child wouldn't be allowed to attend summer camp.
Mother Accused Of Driving SUV With Her Daughters On Roof In Inflatable PoolAn Illinois mother was arrested after she drove around with her two daughters on the roof of her SUV inside of an inflatable pool, according to authorities.
Police: Man Who Broke Into House With Cat Put On Homeowner's Christmas OnesieA man and his cat made themselves right at home during a burglary over the weekend, according to police in Oregon.
Poorly-Timed Flatulence Helps Deputies Sniff Out Suspect Hiding From ArrestA Missouri man wanted for possession of a controlled substance gave his position away to law enforcement officers over the weekend when he passed gas so loudly that it gave up his or her hiding spot, officials said.
Goodwill Store Searching For Family After Finding Purple Heart Medal In Donation BoxA Goodwill store in Arizona is looking for the owner of a Purple Heart medal that was found in the thrift store's donation box last month.
Man Giving Away Used Glasses To Homeless Told To Stop Breaking The LawA Kentucky man who's been handing out used eyeglasses to the homeless and under-served communities around the world for three decades has been forced to stop providing the service in his state.