How Much Water Do We Use In The Twin Cities?Most of that water is used by power plants to generate power. Slightly more than a quarter goes to public water systems.
What Exactly Is A Migraine? How Does It Work?The FDA recently approved a new kind of drug that could reduce migraines and shorten how long symptoms last.
What Are North Korea's Nuclear Capabilities?Experts believe North Korea has between 15 to 100 nuclear bombs.
Why Don't MnDOT Crews Work Around The Clock?Starting Friday night, MNDOT will close the main entrances from 35W in and out of downtown for four months. For some drivers, that will seem like a very long time.
How Many Minnesotans Have Boats?From fishing to water skiing -- to just cruising on the lake, Minnesota has a special relationship with boats.
Can The President Really Pardon Himself?Over the past year, the headlines and opinion pieces have ranged from “Yes” to “No” to “We aren’t sure.” Even Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, didn’t appear to be 100-percent certain on Sunday.
How Do Community Solar Gardens Work? If you’ve seen lots of solar panels pop up on Minnesota farms over the last two years, there’s a good chance it’s a community solar garden. They are blooming across Minnesota, especially in exurban areas like Dakota, Goodhue and Chisago counties.
Who's Responsible When A Neighbor's Tree Falls In Your Yard?It happens during every major summer storm.  Trees fall and sometimes they happen to come down right on our neighbor's property.

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