Potholes Beginning To Pop Up In Metro Following Deep FreezeA deep-freeze like the one we just went through causes ice to expand in the street. When it melts, the water seeps out, taking asphalt with it. That's when repairs are needed.
Outdoor Events, Activities Sell Out For 1st Weekend Of Warmer WeatherLast weekend, it was so cold Top Golf had to close down both Saturday and Sunday. But just one week later and 30 degrees warmer, it’s a whole new story.
Miss Minnesota Among The Visitors Stuck In Frozen TexasMiss Minnesota Grace Dietz didn't know a winter blast would overpower Texas, leaving her stranded following a pageant.
Purple Snow, F. Salt Fitzgerald, Flake Superior: MnDOT Reveals Finalists In 'Name A Snowplow' ContestAmong the 50 nominations are a number of puns on Minnesota athletes' names, among them Joe Plow-er, Justin Moresnow, and Kent Brrr-beck.
Minnesota Gas Prices On The Rise Due To Southern Deep FreezeThe record-breaking cold down south is the reason you're paying more at the pump up north.
Minnesotans Already Reveling In Gradual Warm-Up, Even In Snow And Single TemperaturesEven in the steady snow fall all day Wednesday, WCCO found several Minnesotans already out enjoying more “pleasant” temperatures.
Minnesota Couple's Texas Getaway Turns Into Scramble To Find Food As Ice Dominates StateA Twin Cities couple says the cold and snow has virtually frozen Texas to a halt, and has them scrambling for food.
Minnesota Weather: Light Snow To Fall Wednesday Across Minnesota After waking up to a relatively mild subzero morning, Minnesotans can expect light snow Wednesday through the morning and afternoon.
Solid Ice Means Solid Business For Minnesota's Ice Fishing GuidesThis arctic air is quickly transforming Minnesota's lakes.
How Historic Is This Winter Weather Event?Record-breaking cold and living life below zero is nothing new in the Bold North. But our extreme conditions also took a trip down south and nearly spread from coast to coast.
'Move, Move, Move': How Workers Are Staying Warm During Minnesota's Frigid StreakWhat do you get when you see this kind of cold here in Minnesota? You get people sticking to work.
Minnesota Weather: Wind Chill Advisory Extended Through Monday, Warm-Up Begins TuesdayValentine's Day night will feature the coldest air Minnesotans have felt in a while.
Dangerously Cold Temperatures Test Homeless Shelters In Twin CitiesIn Minneapolis, the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center has had its "arctic overflow" beds in use for more than a week.
Minnesota Weather: Coldest Temperatures Of The Bitter Stretch Expected SundayThe record-cold temperatures will continue throughout the weekend, with Sunday likely being the coldest day of the stretch.
HCMC Treats 33 Frostbite Cases In 1 Week During Recent Cold SnapIn treating frostbite, time is everything. The faster doctors treat the injured skin, the higher the chances they can save it.