Dry Weather Could Impact Canning Production For Sweet Corn, PeasFarmers grow a lot of sweet corn and peas, but that production will likely be down this year.
Minnesota Weather: Cooler, Drier Air Moves In After Rain Graces Drought-Stricken StateThe development of thunderstorms is expected around 4 p.m. Tuesday in the metro area and southern Minnesota.
MN Weather: Much-Needed Rain Comes Tuesday, Followed By Summer's Coolest TempsAbout an inch of rain is expected in the metro Tuesday.
For Minneapolis Fire Crews, A Busy Fourth Of JulyFireworks mixed with extremely dry conditions forced fire crews into action on Independence Day.
DNR Warns People To Be Extra Cautious Lighting Bonfires, Fireworks And Grills Under High Fire RiskMost of Minnesota, including the Metro, is under a high-risk fire warning.
Why Is It So Extremely Hot This Summer?The state climatology office can't predict what will happen in July and August but hot, early summers tend to be associated with the rest of the summer being above normal.
Fireworks, Already In Short Supply, Could Also Pose Greater Fire Hazard This July 4thShipping costs have gone up, forcing some to raise some prices 5% to 10%. Aerial fireworks are not legal in Minnesota, but they are in Wisconsin.
Dry June Impacting Minnesota Pastures, Cattle FarmersMinnesota is abnormally dry. A majority of the state is declared to be in a moderate or severe drought.
Minnesota Weather: Dead Fish Piling Up Along Lake Shores Amid Stretch Of Hot, Dry WeatherThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said there has been an increase in fish die-offs across the state due to this stretch of hot weather.
Minnesota Farmers Relieved Over Weekend Rain, But Aren’t Celebrating YetMinnesota farms finally got the rain relief they’ve been waiting on for over a month and they’re seeing some immediate effects.
Saint Paul Regional Water Services Is Well-Equipped To Handle Heat And DroughtWCCO's Erin Hassanzadeh visited Saint Paul Regional Water Services in Maplewood to see how local systems are holding up.
Minnesota's Dry Weather Leading To Hay Shortages On Farms, Concerns For Live StockMinnesota's dry weather is causing concern for many Minnesota farmers, including those who depend on a hay crop for their live stock.
Mayflies Hatch In Downtown St. Paul, In Some Places Blanketing Sidewalks And RoadsThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the short-lived insects are found in almost all freshwater systems. A large hatch can be considered a good sign for the health of our environment.
Minnesota Weather: 75% Of The State Is Now Experiencing DroughtDrought conditions in Minnesota have worsened over the last week.
How Minnesota's Power Grid Handles The HeatWe've had the hottest start to June on record. With more AC cranking days on the way, we wondered how our power grid is handling the heat.