Joined WCCO: 2020
Hometown: Ardsley, New York
Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Movie: Pulp Fiction
TV Show: Bojack Horseman
Author: Stephen King
Food: Peanut Butter
Local Restaurant: Bar La Grassa
Hidden MN Gem: On the water in Two Harbors
Sport/Exercise: Running
Historical Figure: Bobby Kennedy
Famous Minnesotan: Prince
Quote: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein
Word: Bubble
Vacation Spot: Nashville, Tennessee
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Planet: Earth

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles
Comedy or Tearjerker? Comedy
Phone Call or Text Message? Phone Call
Mac or PC? Mac
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Morning Person or Night Person? Morning
East Coast vs. West Coast? East
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars
‘Grey Duck’ or ‘Goose’? Goose

David joined the WCCO team in April 2020, previously working at CBS 58 in Milwaukee. Prior to that, he worked in Las Vegas. While there, David covered several stories in the national spotlight, including the October 1 mass shooting and political visits from President Barack Obama and candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

David grew up just outside New York City, went to college in Nashville, and interned in St. Louis, so he’s no stranger to moving around the country.

One particularly fun fact: David is a “Jeopardy” champion! If you ever want to talk about trivia or sports or food or anything going on in your community, David would love to hear from you. You can reach him on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you know of a great story idea, please send it to him via email.

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