Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield never imagined she’d be in the Twin Cities, but this is exactly where she says she wants to be. She says in her travels as a journalist, one common denominator was that she always really liked the people she met from Minnesota. And years ago, when she came to visit her longtime friend and WCCO reporter, Heather Brown, she realized the cities are as great as the people.
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Joined WCCO: 2013
Hometown: Tyrone, Georgia
Alma Mater: University of Georgia (Go Dawgs 🏈)

Music: Pandora knows this has many answers
Movie: Adventures in Babysitting
TV Show: Fixer Upper
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Food: Grits by dad, Biscuits by mom, Shoestring Fries by Tilia, and the Cauliflower Caesar by Third Bird to name a few
Local Restaurant: That will need to be plural! Yum, Bar la Grassa, Burch Pizza, Moto-i, Broders’ Cucina … and 4bells bacon-wrapped scallops have my attention, too
Hidden MN Gem: Opitz
Sport/Exercise: Run, eat, repeat
Historical Figure: Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite Minnesotan: Judy Garland
Quote: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”
Word: Joy and onomatopoeia
Vacation Spot: San Francisco and all that comes with it
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Planet: Pluto seems funny

Facebook or Twitter? Instagram
Cats or Dogs? Ruff 🐶
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Monkees
Comedy or Tearjerker? LOL
Phone Call or Text Message? Written Word > Spoken Word
Mac or PC? PC for desk, MAC for mobile
Coffee or Tea? Tea Time
Paper or Plastic? Papier, s’il vous plait
Morning Person or Night Person? Rise and shine
East Coast or West Coast? West is best
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars
‘Grey Duck’ or ‘Goose’? Goose, you’re it!

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield never imagined she’d be in the Twin Cities, but this is exactly where she says she wants to be. She says in her travels as a journalist, one common denominator was that she always really liked the people she met from Minnesota. And years ago, when she came to visit her longtime friend and WCCO reporter, Heather Brown, she realized the cities are as great as the people.

Susan-Elizabeth decided she wanted to be a journalist in the fourth grade. She put the plan into action at the University of Georgia’s school of journalism. While at UGA, she helped produce the Peabody Awards in New York City and studied in Rome, Italy.

Her first crack at news was at KRON in San Francisco as an intern. After that, she joined Teach for America and taught first grade in under-served schools in Houston and Texas. After TFA, she got back into journalism. She’s worked as a reporter and weather forecaster in Columbus, Ga. Most recently, she worked as an evening anchor and reporter at WIS-TV in Columbia, S.C. She says she loves the way WCCO honors the lives of Minnesotans. That’s what drew her here.

The answer: nine. The question: how many syllables are in her name? Susan-Elizabeth’s mother says she named her daughter after her own two favorite childhood baby dolls. “Susan” was her favorite; “Elizabeth” was next in line.

You may have guessed by that double name, she’s from the South. Home for Susan-Elizabeth is Tyrone, Ga., where her family still lives. She loves hanging out with them and eating fried okra. (Ever tried it?) Speaking of food, she loves taste explorations and diving in to the Twin Cities restaurant scene. Got a suggestion? Shoot her a note. She also likes to run, play fantasy football and hop a plane to someplace she’s never been.

Susan-Elizabeth says her new favorite phrases are “uff da” and “you betcha.” She can’t wait to meet y’all.

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