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  1. Gary & Stephanie Gustafson says:

    Please forward to Don Shelby:
    We have watched you on WCCO virtually the entire time you were there. Your retirement was handled beautifully and with the same care you brought to all of the stories you reported. You gave co-workers, colleagues AND viewers time to adjust to this change. Thanks for everything you did on our behalf. We hope you enjoy the next phase of your life. You deserve it!

  2. B M K says:

    Don was like an old friend a familiar voice ….He was so welcomed into my home everyday…I wish him and his family many many blessings . Happy retirement Don!

  3. Don Skinner says:

    Minnesota Nice
    From the lakes and woods to the north
    Over to the fertle prairies in the west
    Across to O’Man River and valleyes in the east
    Down to the farmlands in the south
    There is where you will find Minesota nice
    And there is where you will find Don Shelby
    Who is the PRINCE of Minnesota nice.

  4. Neal De Jesus says:

    Don will reunite with Pat Miles,Colleen Needles and Paul Douglas on his last retirement at WCCO-TV leaving Amelia,Frank,Chris and Mark behind until a new anchor replaces Don Shelby in 2011.

  5. Gordon Hart says:

    Don you were a good guy to listen to and my family will miss you

  6. Dan Sheridan says:

    Spur of the moment poem made up by Don Shelby while hosting an afternoon talk show in Cahrleston, SC 1973.
    “Reflections are made across the land,
    held in honor of our fallen fighting man,
    aound America’s dinner tables families say,
    Look out Jack it Memorial Day!”
    I laughed until I cried. Your cousin Danny Sheridan

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