• Notable 2019 DeathsWe've lost some of our best and brightest in 2019. Here are some of the most notable deaths from this year.
  1. William Ball says:

    Get the location right, for those who don’t know what happened you’re really off on this; don’t tell people it’s near Diamond Lk Road when it was a full 6 blocks away right off the 60th street exist of 35W!

    1. Gregg McClurg says:

      Hey William, get on the Ball….6 blocks is near!

    2. complainer says:

      In the general scheme of things, the location was great! I knew the general area to avoid – a major interchange is a GREAT way to provide a location.

      I get a feeling, William, you’re never happy.

  2. random says:

    And William….it’s “exit” not “exist”.

  3. TheMan says:

    I agree with William….and 6 blocks in an urban area makes a considerable difference. People 6 blocks away from this event didn’t need to worry, although the media loves to lead people to believe otherwise.

    1. i says:

      Reallly? Nice discussion. ‘complainer’ is worried about avoiding the location. ‘William’ is incensitive to the nature of reporting a breaking story. ‘The Man’ loves blaming the media for whatever ails anything anywhere, apparently.

  4. AWSOME person says:

    OMG that was the biggest fire i have ever seen!!!!

  5. msf says:

    KSTP chanel 5 had nothing else to do yesterday other than report on the gas explosion and they continue to report on it today constantly showing the massive hole in the street. Enough already!!

  6. Jo says:

    The explosion from the gas line most likely started from one of the vehicles throwing out his used cigarette. The fumes were probably strong enough to ignite

  7. scott says:

    Really ?! Oh I hope it was my Pall Mall 100…..that woukd be SWEET !!!!!

  8. !@$#& says:


  9. ZoeyyeoZ says:

    Those flames are HUGE!

  10. dissappointed says:

    ok seriously people. those pics said nothing of it being on diamond lake rd or whatever. if you look the caption of the first pic says the location of the cub that was right next to the explosion. on nicollet and 60th. stop being such a whiney baby…

  11. David Sanders says:

    Funny people still have their brakes on…There is a gear select for Park.

  12. editor says:

    Natural gas explosions like this one are happening with alarming frequency all across the country — San Bruno, Philadelphia, Detroit and Allentown to name a few — and often with far more deadly consequences. Take a look at http://www.naturalgaswatch.org to get a sense of just how often natural gas lines are failing with fatal consequences.

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