• New State Fair Foods For 2018There are 27 new foods on the list for the 2018 Minnesota State Fair.
  1. Meagan says:

    is it really that hard to make a few veg options in our FAT, heart un-healthy day and age? I mean really. It is possible to be veg and like sports

    1. Phil says:

      You can have the lettuce and celery from my burger and hot wings.

    2. Look Again! says:

      Obviously, you didn’t look at all of the photos. Two of them included vegie dishes.

    3. Louis says:

      Target Field has Vegetarian and Gluton Free Concessions at the field already. Here’s the link to the page listing the varieties:

      1. Max says:

        Thanks for posting the link Louis. Much appreciated.

    4. Jenny says:

      There are healthy options. You just need to look for them. Plus if your going to a night game just eat before you go becuase it’s not healthy to eat late at night anyways. It’s really that simple.

      1. geo says:

        or you could skip the game altogether and do something productive, improve your community, etc. rather than support fat-cat sports owners and players who pay no taxes.

        1. Edward Madison says:

          HI GEO! sure is nice to see someone else that see this pratice, so digusting, I also believe in the fact that the wrong thig is going on in our wonderful state!

          That si all its about, for the fat cats to fill thier pockets even fuller!
          Where is the governer on this, he is worries about the defist, why in hell don’t get of his behinder and go tax those guilty of filling thier pockets and not supporting the state THEY LIVE in, oh yea some of those fat cats don’t live in Minnesota, they haul that money off to some other place and Minnesota is left holding an empty bag!

    5. we says:


  2. StevevO says:

    Can i say the “wild rice and Brats” is a copy of Hmong food… Just saying…….

  3. Tiff says:

    People don’t really go to ball games for healthy eating. Its sorta like the state fair… but with baseball. I would assume most people try to eat healthier meals than this most of the time.

    Gotta live a little!

    1. ge says:

      No – have you people watched at the mall lately. 90% of the state are way way too fat

      1. Mike says:

        The Twin Cities area is ranked one of the healthiest metros in all of the United States, not sure what you’re talking about.

  4. Lewis says:

    I might have to go just to eat.

  5. BeefEater says:

    No Vagitarians allowed!! They Whine Too Much!! Eat some peanuts & sit down & stop crying!!

    1. geo2 says:

      I would sit down but I can’t watch the game because your fat arse is in my way!

  6. phb says:

    Going to game on sat. 4/23 and would like to have brunch before noon game near Target field. Any ideas?

  7. justin says:

    Can a brother get a hot dog?

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