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  1. Martha says:

    May God bless the Mondale family. Eleanor will be in my prayers.

  2. Becky Anderson says:

    Bless your soul, Eleanor. You were a bright light in this world. My heartfelt condolences to your family.

  3. nanacy hegg says:

    Nancy Williams Hegg

    I often remember all the good times we had as children. In reading about your life as
    an adult I know your family , home, and all the animals is who you were. Your life was
    blessed. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. samuel thason ponnu says:

    may our lord jesus christ provide peace to the family and loved ones of our dearest e poling, for sure she has found her permanent home, which we havent from our hearts
    samuel t p from malaysia.

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  6. Washington says:

    and just to continue to be the pain in the ass that I am to this site , I edicded to do the research about kev that easily exists by clicking on the archive this is to the right . from 05 -07 I counted at least 5 instances where kev made fun’ of a death just to be the smirky @*%#! that he is. Included in that was a smear at the death of John Kerry’s first wife , clearly intended only to remind others that Kerry was divorcee . Rush ,newt, Rudi had 10 wives between them ! I would not find any of their passings fodder for amusement. kev has also deleted his mocking of a death of worker at the fiberglass facory in GF. He did so only to bash Obama. After I pestered him about it , he edicded to hide’ that rather than admit he made a mistake.

  7. Hem says:

    An amusing mash-up. My relolcection is that Mondale, et al, lost the presidency for reasons other than their leftist-populist messages, and I would be reluctant to reduce complex political battles to single, simplistic slogans. Instead, our current attention to income disparities in the U.S. is fairly recent, and the contrast you cite economic growth versus reducing income disparity – is surely a false dichotomy. First, the extraordinary gap between the income of managerial high-earners and the income of the rest of us is a new phenomenon. Second, and perhaps more important, anyone listening to popular sentiment hears that average Americans expect that income disparities will shrink as the economy grows and there are more economic opportunities – in other words the two choices are not mutually exclusive.More important, the left-populist message has not been about the virtues of reducing income disparities. That’s a very recent and rather isolated discourse. The traditional left-progressive message has been about providing a living wage for those who have jobs, minimal standards of living for those who do not have jobs, and assistance – not wealth – to people who find themselves trapped in cycles of poverty. You can argue about the social science, but I don’t think that ‘reducing income disparities’ in the simplistic sense of equaling out everyone’s income, has ever been the issue for left-progressive or populist politicians.The contrast that I have recognized is a set of liberal left policies that promote direct assistance to individuals and families, on the one hand, and a set of conservative right policies that promote assistance to business and industry (with the assumption that promoting economic growth through business and industry will ultimately improve the lives of individuals) on the other. Current liberal outrage about income disparity is simply a way of highlighting the fact that business friendly policies under a conservative president for 8 years led to massive incomes for those at the top of the corporate world while a decade of down-sizing pressures to reduce costs and increase shareholder profits failed to produce the benefits that economic growth should have provided for ordinary working people.

  8. Nida says:

    Rick,Sadly, equality and neocomic growth are mutually inconsistent. Measures that promote equality e.g., that redistribute wealth and income from the productive to the less productive generally have the consequence of reducing incentives to produce. On the other hand, simply allowing the productive to keep what they produce generally results in wide inequalities. Most people in the US understand this tradeoff. The argument is generally over how to balance somewhere in the middle. Prof. Meade notes, correctly in my view, that the public prefers that the balance be drawn on the side of productivity, of neocomic growth and jobs. But that does not mean that the public wants to give up the vast redistribution mechanisms that we already have social security, medicare, medicaid, etc. just that it wants to emphasize growth rather than more radical redistribution. Hope this helps.

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