With February’s record snowfall and spring’s rapid temperature jumps, many parts of Minnesota are bracing for floods. WCCO.com has collected a number of resources for you to follow in the coming weeks.

State Agencies


North Dakota:

City/Waterway Flooding Information

City of Minneapolis
City of St. Paul
City of Stillwater
City of Fargo
City of Grand Forks
City of Breckenridge
City of Harwood
City of Moorhead
City of Valley City
City of Wahpeton
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

School Districts

Minneapolis Public Schools
St. Paul Public Schools
Stillwater Area Public Schools
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Fargo Public Schools
West Fargo Public Schools
Grand Forks Public Schools
Moorhead Area Public Schools
Wahpeton Public School District #37
Breckenridge Public Schools
Valley City Public Schools


Additional Resources

National Weather Service Resources:

National Flood Insurance Program:

Find A Hospital Near You:

What Happens Now | Step By Step Guide: