4 Things To Know: 9/11 Anniversary, Irma's Path & MoreThey include a big pageant win for North Dakota, and the latest plans over North Korean nuclear tests.
4 Things To Know: Mexico Earthquake, I-94 Shutdown & MoreThey include the congressional deal to raise the debt ceiling, and Hurricane Irma's latest devastation.
4 Things To Know: Trump Jr. Testifies, Paisley Turns 30 & MoreThey include Hurricane Irma's path toward Florida, and a historic first for American women tennis players.
4 Things To Know: DACA Plan, Irma's Path & MoreThey include the economic strain being felt over North Korea concerns, and an excuse to curl into a comfy chair with a good book.
4 Things To Know: DACA Announcement, Nat'l Cheese Pizza Day & MoreThey include the UN's response to North Korean nuclear testing, and the biggest nominees from the CMA Awards.
4 Things To Know: Houston Evacuation, L.A. Wildfires & MoreThey include the world reaction to North Korean nuclear tests, and the theatrical rerelease of a landmark Steven Spielberg film.
4 Things To Know: North Korea Travel Ban, Organic Frito-Lay & MoreThey include the abrupt resignation of a controversial Wisconsin sheriff, and the continued rescue efforts in Texas.
4 Things To Know: Ann'y Of Di's Death, Sports Night & MoreThey include the continued path of the storm Harvey, and a study determining that more and more new fathers are over the hill.
4 Things To Know: Katrina Anniversary, Taylor's Video & MoreThey include the latest developments in Tropical Storm Harvey's damage in Texas, and more concerns over missile testing in North Korea.
4 Things To Know: Harvey's Rains, Uber's CEO & MoreThey include the recovery of 10 sailors killed on the USS John S. McCain, and a price reduction for some items at Whole Foods.
4 Things To Know: Hurricane Harvey, Target Hiring & MoreThey include an update to Minnesota's measles outbreak, and the fire-fighting displays at today's State Fair.
4 Things To Know: Taylor Swift Returns, Trump Heads To D.C.They include the decision on what to do with national monument areas in America, and the latest projections for tropical storm Harvey.
4 Things To Know: Colin Kaepernick Protests, Big Powerball & MoreThey include the latest developments following the latest accidents involving naval warships, and the earnings of Hollywood's top-paid actor.
4 Things To Know: Spain Attacks, 2nd Hottest Month & MoreThey include tonight's preseason match between the Vikings and the Seahawks, and another spinoff from the "Star Wars" movie series.
4 Things To Know: Deadly Mudslide, Wolves PA Auditions & MoreThey include the latest protests in the wake of Charlottesville's violence, and a chance to drop some coin on used merchandise.