DNR Searching For Asian Carp Near The Twin Cities Anglers searched chilly waters Wednesday for a predator that could threaten fishing in Minnesota.
Asian Carp Threaten Both Boaters And Ecosystems On pool six of the Mississippi River, just south of Winona, a school of Buffalo fish is Tim Adam's desired catch.
State Leaders Attending Summit On Asian CarpMinnesota's state leaders are spending Wednesday focusing on a major threat to the state’s tourism industry. It's the possible invasion of Asian Carp, a destructive fish, in Minnesota waterways.
DNR Recommends Asian Carp Barrier At Minneapolis A state-commissioned study says a barrier using sound, bubbles and lights would be the most viable option from deterring Asian carp from moving up the Mississippi River from downtown Minneapolis.
Invasive Species Experts To Meet In La CrosseExperts will be gathering in La Crosse this week to share the latest information on invasive species.
Lawmaker: Corps To Miss Asian Carp Plan DeadlineA member of Congress from Michigan says the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will not meet a legal deadline for completing a plan to preventing Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.
Minnesota Joins Iowa Fight Against Invasive CarpMinnesota has decided to help finance Iowa efforts to keep invasive carp out of the Iowa Great Lakes. The Minnesota Natural Resources Department is providing $261,000 to help Iowa set up an electrical barrier atop Lower Gar Lake dam.
Study: No High-Risk Great Lakes Asian Carp Paths study of 18 canals, ditches and other waterways that could link the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds found none were likely pathways to the lakes for Asian carp, federal officials said Friday.
Asian Carp DNA Found In Year-Old Lake Erie Samples Genetic material from Asian carp has been discovered in Lake Erie water samples collected nearly a year ago, officials said Friday.
Report: Asian Carp Could Reach All 5 Great Lakes Asian carp could find enough food and breeding areas to reach all five of the Great Lakes within 20 years if allowed to gain a foothold, a scientific report said Thursday.
Research Murky On Danger Of Asian Carp InvasionScientists on some of the heartland's great rivers are turning up ominous signs that Asian carp may be harming other fish, but the dire predictions that the carp would kill off other fish haven't been realized yet.
5 States To Continue Suit Demanding Asian Carp Fix Five states are moving forward with a lawsuit against the federal government demanding steps to prevent Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes, despite recent congressional action, the Michigan attorney general's office said Thursday.
Measure Would Require Quicker Asian Carp Action Federal engineers would be ordered to speed up development of a plan for protecting the Great Lakes from Asian carp under legislation awaiting final votes in Congress.
Man Charged With Selling Live Asian Carp In Mich.Michigan authorities have charged a man with 12 counts of selling live Asian carp in violation of a state law meant to prevent the spread of invasive species.
Canada Pledges $17.5M In Fight Against Asian Carp The Canadian government says it will spend $17.5 million over the next five years to help prevent Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.