A Look At How Schools Are Responding To COVID-19 CasesThe Minnesota Department of Health said Monday that there have been 351 schools in the state that have had at least one COVID case.
UW-Madison Shifts Online For Two Weeks After COVID-19 SpikeThe University of Wisconsin-Madison announced Wednesday that all classes will shift online for the next two weeks after a recent COVID-19 spike.
Students Across Minnesota Adjust To Learning Amid PandemicWednesday marked the second day of school for many students in what is a very different type of school year.
Waconia Schools Return To In-Person Learning With COVID-19 PrecautionsAfter six months of being out of the classroom, students returned to in-person learning at Laketown Elementary in Waconia.
Routines Can Help Students Stay Focused During Uncertainty Of COVID-19 SchoolingDistance learners need to take regular breaks and move around when they do. Parents should check in frequently on their kids' feelings.
UW-Madison Cracks Down On Student Activities To Help Slow COVID-19 Spread“We’ve reached the point where we need to quickly flatten the curve of infection, or we will lose the opportunity to have campus open to students this semester, which we know many students truly want."
Twin Cities Teacher Makes Video To Ease Hybrid, Distance Learning WorriesMany Minnesota school districts are set to begin hybrid or distance learning Tuesday. But with COVID-19, a lot of parents and students are anxious about what that looks like.
Tips To Make Sure Your Home's Ready For Distance Learning & Working From HomeGetting the kinks out of the distance learning technology is key. WCCO got some tips on getting your devices in top school form.
Pine City H.S. Delays First Day Of School After Employee Tests COVID-19 PositiveA northern Minnesota high school has decided to push back its first day of school due to a staffer testing positive for COVID-19.
Tracking COVID-19 Community Cases Is The Key, Says Hudson Superintendent, As Students Head Back To SchoolWhile most Minnesota students get back to some kind of school next week, Wisconsin returned to learning this week.
School Bus Drivers Gear Up With Safety Precautions As Students Prepare To Go Back To SchoolAs students get ready to head back to the classroom, a lot of detail is going into how they'll get there.