Trump Office Scraps Obama Campus Assault GuidanceEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos has said the Obama rules were unfairly skewed against the students accused of assault.
4 Things To Know: Sessions Debate, Louisiana Storms & MoreFrom the attorney general nominee debate to the serious storms in Louisiana, here are the four stories to know for Wednesday, Feb. 8.
Good Question: What Is School Choice?There have been huge fights over the nomination Betsy DeVos, some of which have been centered on the idea of school choice.
Betsy DeVos Gets Praise From Wisconsin Superintendent CandidatesTwo challengers to Wisconsin state Superintendent Tony Evers are praising the confirmation of school choice advocate and longtime Republican donor Betsy DeVos as Education secretary.
Pence Breaks 50-50 Senate Tie, DeVos Confirmed As Ed. Sec.A Senate historian says it was the first time a vice president had to break a tie on a Cabinet nomination.
DeVos Clears Major Hurdle Toward Becoming Education SecretarySenators voted 52-48 to cut off debate before dawn Friday morning, setting the stage for a final confirmation vote next week.
Gov. Walker Sends Letter In Support Of DeVos For Education SecretaryWisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has sent a letter of support for Betsy DeVos as U.S. education secretary. Walker's letter sent Monday to the leaders of the Senate committee that held her confirmation hearing Tuesday.
Sen. Franken Has Heated Exchange With Education Pick Betsy DeVosPresident-elect Donald Trump's nominee for education secretary was on Capitol Hill Tuesday, facing tough questions from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. One of the members on that committee, Sen. Al Franken, confronted the billionaire Betsy DeVos on numerous issues, including the problem of student debt in America.