No Sign Of Bird Flu As $8M Testing Lab OpensLast year's bird flu epidemic killed nearly 10 million turkeys and egg-laying chickens in Minnesota.
After Bird Flu Hiatus, Poultry Returns To County FairsPoultry is making its return to the county fair scene after a one year hiatus over fears of bird flu.
Rabbits & Skunks Can Pass Bird Flu To Ducks, Biologist SaysA government wildlife researcher has found that rabbits and skunks can become infected with the bird flu virus and shed it enough to infect ducks — offering scientists one more clue about how bird flu may move in the environment and spread between farms, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.
1 Year After Outbreak, Bird Flu Still Worries Turkey FarmersA year after the bird flu outbreak in Minnesota, turkey farmers remain on high alert. Last year's outbreak killed 9 million birds in the state and cost more than $650 million.
Egg Production In Iowa Slowly Recovering After Last Year's Bird FluIowa egg farms are bouncing back from last year's bird flu outbreak but rebuilding flocks with millions of new egg layers is taking time as the industry predicted.
Minnesota Lifts Quarantines On Farms Infected With Bird FluMinnesota has lifted the last remaining quarantines on poultry farms that were infected with highly pathogenic bird flu, marking a milestone in the state's recovery from an outbreak that cost its turkey and egg producers over 9 million birds.
Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Impacted By Bird FluSo much of the turkey talk this year has been about the bird flu. Minnesota was one of a handful of states that saw an epidemic that wiped out millions of turkeys.
Wholesale Price Of Fresh Turkeys Up This Thanksgiving, But Not DrasticallyBird flu took a bite out of the turkey supply. Heavy rain washed out the pumpkin crop. Yet Thanksgiving groceries likely won't cost Americans much more than last year, and nobody should have to miss gobbling down their favorite holiday foods.
Ducks Shot By Minnesota Hunters Test Negative For Bird FluTests on over 750 ducks shot by Minnesota hunters this fall have turned up no signs of the kind of bird flu that devastated the Midwest poultry industry earlier this year.
Minnesota Turkey Farmers Bracing For Possible Return Of Bird FluThanksgiving is next month and this year, it comes after the bird flu killed millions of Minnesota turkeys. Last spring, more than 100 farms across the state had infected flocks of turkeys that had to be destroyed.
Iowa Company 1 Of 2 Awarded Contract By USDA For Bird Flu Vaccines A federal agency has awarded contracts to two companies to manufacture a bird flu vaccine. But officials haven't decided whether to give the doses to poultry to protect against a disease that led to the destruction of 48 million chickens and turkeys this spring.