U Of M Study Asks Why Breastfeeding Is Beneficial To BabiesWe've heard about the benefits of breast milk for babies, but why it's beneficial is something local researchers are trying to figure out.
'Baby Cafe' Supports Moms Struggling With BreastfeedingFor many moms, it can be the hardest part of having a baby: breastfeeding. But, some moms living outside of the metro are finding help at what's called a "baby cafe."
Study: More Than Half Of Mothers Don’t Have Space To Breastfeed At WorkA new study out of the University of Minnesota found that less than half of breastfeeding mothers don’t have access to workplace accommodations to feed their children while on the job.
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Mom Speaks Out After Being Told Not To Breastfeed In PublicA Minneapolis mom is speaking out after a security guard told her to leave the library because she was breast-feeding in public.
Breastfeeding 'Well Worth' The InconvenienceKathryn McNeil admits breastfeeding her 4-month-old daughter hasn't always been easy. “The first month was really hard. Definitely the first two weeks. It hurt so much even a cotton shirt against your chest just hurts. It's awful,” said Kathryn.
Breastfeeding Doll Causes ControversyThere are already dolls that eat, sleep and need their diapers changed, but there's a new one on store shelves that some say has crossed the line.
Research: Formula-Fed Babies At Higher Risk For ObesityGood eating habits need to start young -- really young, as in the first months of infancy.