Michelle Fischbach Announces Congressional RunFormer Republican State Senator Michelle Fischbach announced her candidacy for the 7th District seat, which is currently held by Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson.
Do Members Of Congress Get Paid During The Shutdown?U.S. Senators and Representatives are paid differently than other government employees.
Minnesota Delegation's Reaction To Furloughed Employees Split Down Party LinesRoughly 800,000 federal workers are not receiving paychecks this week.
Freshman Reps From MN Bring Power, Notoriety To 116th CongressWith the freshmen representatives comes a loss of leadership and some clout in Washington, but the loss of seniority is offset by one Minnesota congressman rising to a powerful committee chairmanship, and another entering Congress as a nationally known figure.
Leading Democrat Calls For Legalized Marijuana In All 50 StatesThe democrat's argument was heavily based on the belief that arrests for marijuana possession have become a punishment that doesn't fit the crime.
High Court Nominee Gets Started Answering QuestionsJudge Brett Kavanaugh responded to a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that probes his career as an attorney and jurist, his service in the executive branch, education, society memberships and more.
DOJ: Congress Must Fix Immigration After Judge's OrderThe Justice Department on Wednesday said a judge's order to reunite families separated at the border "makes it even more imperative" that Congress pass legislation that would enable it "to simultaneously enforce the law and keep families together."
US Military Eyes Child Sex-Assault Solution Without CongressU.S. military officials have sought to ward off congressional efforts to address child-on-child sexual assaults on bases, even as they disclose that the problem is larger than previously acknowledged.
Congress Resumes Amid Pressure To Act On Gun ViolenceAfter a 10-day break, members of Congress are returning to work under hefty pressure to respond to the outcry over gun violence. But no plan appears ready to take off despite a long list of proposals, including many from President Donald Trump.
Good Question: What Is A Congressional Caucus?President Trump today took on members of his own party on Twitter, particularly members of the House Freedom Caucus.
A Reserved Tom Emmer Ends 1st Congressional YearWhen Tom Emmer burst — vociferously — onto Minnesota's political scene a decade ago, the Republican's style rocketed him through the state Legislature and brought him within a whisker of the governor's office. He retreated following that 2010 loss to conservative talk radio, but has been back at it as a congressman for the state's 6th District for a year.