University Of Minnesota Researchers Find Those Who've Had COVID Get Huge Immunity Boost From VaccineNew data is out on how well COVID-19 vaccines work in those who've already been infected, and that cutting-edge research is coming from Minnesota.
Gov. Walz Calls For Teacher COVID Vaccine, Testing RequirementsThe Democratic governor detailed his proposal in a letter to lawmakers that he released after meeting privately with legislative leaders.
CDC: Proceed With Caution While Making Holiday Plans"It’s really about how do we make people feel safe and more about how do we decrease our risk as we go about gathering together,” Dr. George Morris said.
Swamped Children's Hospitals To Parents: Get Kids COVID Tested At Pharmacies, MDH SitesTesting for COVID-19 is up dramatically this month, as Minnesotans comply with requirements for work, school and travel and cases have been on the rise. But where people choose to get tested is creating some problems.
Minneapolis Pairs With Media Outlets To Spread COVID Vaccine Info To Communities Of ColorThe city of Minneapolis is using trusted messengers and culturally-specific organizations and media as part of its strategy to reach communities of color with COVID-19 vaccine information.
Fight Breaks Out At Eastern Carver County School Board MeetingA few men got physical over what appeared to be a disagreement about someone taking a photo during the debate in Chaska.
Weeks After Deadline, Still No Deal For Frontline Worker PayThree weeks after a self-imposed deadline, state lawmakers still haven’t reached an agreement on the details of the $250 million for frontline worker bonuses, leaving some frustrated.
Minnesota Parents Want More School COVID Protocols As Cases SpikeSome parents say the issue of mask or no mask is causing bullying concerns on both sides of the issue.
Pediatric Hospital Beds Becoming Harder To Find In Minnesota“Let’s do what the CDC and department of health is telling us. Let’s make sure we wear the masks, we socially distance, we stay home if sick. If eligible, get the vaccine,” Dr. Rahul Koranne said.
COVID Vaccine For Younger Kids 'Would Be Absolute Relief' For Families With Immunocompromised Members"While it's natural to have a questioning attitude, I think one can rest assured as a parent that this is the right thing to do for your child, to protect them," Dr. Madeleine Gagnon said.
State Health Officials Concerned About Bump In COVID Cases Among Kids As School Year BeginsMinnesota public health officials say they are concerned about COVID-19 cases increasing among children as a school year begins with many back in the classroom.