Duluth Welcomes Home U.S. Men's Curling Gold MedalistsMonday night, the City of Duluth is welcoming home the U.S. men's curling team.
Baby Of Minnesota Olympic Curler Defies OddsOlympic medal or not, Joe Polo says his real achievement is his baby girl, Ailsa.
Winter Olympics 2018: What Is Curling And How Do You Play?Curling is like bigger shuffleboard, with the goal of getting the highest score. But there's more to it, especially at the Winter Olympics.
In Lakeville, Curling Is The Newest High School SportIt's the coolest new thing in school -- for students in Lakeville, at least.
Minnesota Curling Club Features Pirates On IceWhen she co-founded the Dakota Curling Club nine years ago, Darcy Ellarby’s the one who said, you know what this sport needs? Pirate costumes.
College Curlers Talk Fashion, Competition And MoreDavid McCoy sat down with some of the athletes competing in the USA College Curling Championships.
College Curlers Take The Ice In ChaskaIt is a sport that has been gaining popularity across Minnesota. And fitting for this climate -- it's on the ice. The USA Curling College Championships continue Saturday and Sunday at the Chaska Curling Center.
USA Curling College Championships To Slide Into Minnesota Mid-MarchThe 2016 USA Curling College Championships is heading to Minnesota. Starting on Friday, March 11, the championships will be hosted by the newly-opened Chaska Curling Center in Chaska.
Best Date Night Activities In MinnesotaThink outside the box next time you plan a movie and dinner date.
Outdoor Curling Club Creates Bond Among Lake NeighborsIn Minnesota, hockey rinks on ponds and lakes are common. But one family looked at the ice on their lake and decided to create something that's easy for everyone to play.
New Chaska Curling Center Buzzing As Game Grows In PopularityIt's a Sunday afternoon and Jeff Isaacson is in his element. Not just because he's teaching, but because this is his classroom: The gleaming new Chaska Curling Center, a $26 million complex complete with its own restaurant, is practically so shiny you could see your reflection.