Paulsen Says He's Rallying For DACA Recipients, Won't Be At Trump Rally"This debate is more important than party, it’s about the security of our nation and about who we are as a people."
Texas Lawsuit Could Speed DACA's Path To SCOTUSa lawsuit filed last week in Texas seeks to shut down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and may create a legal clash that could speed the issue's path to the Supreme Court.
Minnesota Recipients Concerned After Trump Tweets 'DACA Is Dead'President Trump's announcement last fall that he was ending DACA resulted in mass protests, including here in the Twin Cities.
Reality Check: The True Cost Of DACAThousands of young people in Minnesota and Wisconsin could face arrest and eviction from the United States.
'I Am Floored': Minn. Att'y Starts Fundraising Effort For DACA Filing FeesAs the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is being debated in Washington, recipients here in Minnesota -- as well as advocates and activists -- are taking action in the hopes of cementing their statuses.
'We Can Get This Done': Smith, Ellison Voice Support For DACATwo Minnesota politicians were back in the state Sunday to voice their support for DACA -- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Talking Points: Trump’s Flip-Flop On DACANowhere has the unpredictability of the Trump presidency been more in evidence than his changing positions on DACA.
Questions About DACA? Here's Who To ContactImmigrants in Minnesota concerned over the recent news surrounding DACA should contact NAVIGATE MINNESOTA.
4 Things To Know: Health Care Bill, Irma's Toll & MoreThey include lawmakers' plans to address the promised changes to the DACA program, and a new car that could have people swinging around in their chairs.
Minnesota, Other States Suing Trump Administration Over DACA DecisionMinnesota has joined three other states in a lawsuit that alleges the Trump administration’s decision to rescind DACA violates the constitution.
'Protect The Dreamers': Archbishop, Klobuchar Speak Out On DACAMinnesota's archbishop is the latest voice to criticize the decision to end the protections of young undocumented immigrants.