FBI: Leverage Was Needed To Talk To Danny HeinrichThe FBI played a critical role in getting Jacob Wetterling's killer to confess.
Blogger, Survivor Pushed Investigators To Re-Examine Wetterling Case: Part 2Despite being told they were wrong by law enforcement, sexual assault survivor Jared Scheierl and blogger Joy Baker never gave up.
Released Search Warrants Detail Wetterling EvidenceNewly released documents show more details about the investigation into Jacob Wetterling's disappearance, and what authorities were specifically looking for.
Klobuchar Pays Tribute To Wetterling On Senate FloorOn Thursday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar honored Jacob and praised his mom's advocacy.
Jared Scheierl: An Unsung Hero Of The Wetterling CaseA man who was a both a victim and hero is in the spotlight two days after Danny Heinrich admitted to the murder of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling.
Full Transcript Of Heinrich's Confession In Court ReleasedA full transcript has been released of Tuesday's court proceedings where Danny Heinrich confessed to the kidnap and murder of Jacob Wetterling, the sexually assault of Jared Scheirel and child pornography.
After Heinrich Plea, Lawmaker Calls For Greater Sentences For Sex OffendersAs details emerge surrounding Danny Heinrich's sentence, some lawmakers are calling for tougher sentences for sex offenders.
Investigator Talks Working The Wetterling Case From The BeginningBruce Bechtold was a rookie Stearns County Deputy on the October night when Jacob Wetterling was abducted in 1989.
The Story Behind Danny Heinrich’s Delicate Plea DealWe have new insights Wednesday into the tense plea negotiations that resulted in the discovery of Jacob Wetterling’s remains -- and Danny Heinrich's chilling courtroom confession.
Stearns Co. Attorney On 'Making A Deal With The Devil'Stearns County attorney Janelle Kendall was faced with a difficult decision: Keep the child pornography charges against Danny Heinrich at the state level or bring the feds in.
Patty Wetterling: 'There's Still A Lot Of Work To Do'Following a hearing Tuesday where Danny Heinrich admitted to kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing Jacob Wetterling, the Wetterlings spoke publicly for the first time since learning Jacob had been found.
Investigators, Wetterlings Credit Cold Spring Victim With Helping Crack CaseNine months before the Wetterling abduction, Danny Heinrich kidnapped and assaulted 12-year-old Jared Scheierl in nearby Cold Spring.
Good Question: How Common Are Plea Deals?As it turns out, plea deals are very common -- but Danny Heinrich's plea deal was unique.
St. Joseph, Paynesville Communities Grieving For Wetterling FamilyPeople in Paynesville are grieving for the Wetterling family after Danny Heinrich's confession to kidnapping and murder in court Tuesday.
Details Emerge On Heinrich's Plea Deal For Wetterling ConfessionProsecutors say Heinrich's confession was part of a carefully orchestrated plea deal, involving officials from the county, state and federal level.