DNR Sets New Deer Population Goals For Parts Of MinnesotaThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources approved new deer population goals for parts of northeastern, north central and east central Minnesota. The goals cover 40 deer permit areas in Minnesota, just less than a third of the permit areas in the state.
DNR Seeks More Public Input On Deer Population GoalsThe Department of Natural Resources is seeking public input about proposed deer population goals for large chunks of Minnesota. The DNR is seeking online feedback from hunters, landowners, farmers, local officials and other interested parties on proposed deer population goals recommended by citizen advisory teams in 40 of Minnesota's 128 deer permit areas.
DNR Sets New Deer Goals For Southeastern Minnesota Wildlife managers plan to boost the whitetail deer population in several parts of southeastern Minnesota while holding deer numbers steady or bringing them down in certain other zones in the region. The Department of Natural Resources said the decision reflects input from the public and a stakeholder advisory team. Similar processes elsewhere are expected to affect deer hunting regulations over much of the state during the next several years.
DNR Taking Comments On SE Deer Population GoalsThe Department of Natural Resources is taking public comments on southeastern Minnesota deer population goals recommended by a citizen advisory team. Leslie McInenly, the DNR's big game program leader, says the agency has used a fairly extensive process to revisit deer population goals in southeastern Minnesota.
Deer Wreak Havoc On Southeastern FarmsFarmers in Southeastern counties say their crops are under attack by herds of hungry deer. While driving on county roads in the area around dusk, the sight of deer browsing in corn and soybean fields is quite common. And with deer numbers so high, their appetites are costing farmers thousands of dollars.
DNR Seeks Input On Minn. Deer Population GoalsWildlife managers are seeking public input on revised deer population goals for southwestern and north-central Minnesota.
Minnesota’s Deer Population Benefits From Lack Of Snow The warm weather and lack of snow are having a positive effect on Minnesota's deer population.