Leaders Hail Verdict In Floyd Death, Say Much Work RemainsMany hailed the outcome as a step toward accountability, while cautioning much work remains as America reexamines racism and policing.
'We're All So Relieved': President Biden Speaks With Floyd Family After VerdictPresident Joe Biden said he reached out and offered prayers to George Floyd’s family on the day the jury was handed the case in the Derek Chauvin trial.
‘We Usually Never Get Justice’: Family Of George Floyd Reacts After Derek Chauvin Found GuiltyFormer Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts in George Floyd's death. According to a pool report, George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, was praying in the courtroom before the verdict was read.
Reminder: MPD Has Tip Line For Non-EmergenciesMinneapolis Police opened up a new line last month which allows residents to share information about suspicious activity that does not require an immediate response.
In Minneapolis, A Fortified City Awaits Derek Chauvin VerdictJust outside the entrance to Smile Orthodontics, in a Minneapolis neighborhood of craft breweries and trendy shops, two soldiers in jungle camouflage and body armor were on watch Monday, assault rifles slung over their backs. Snow flurries blew around them. A few steps away at the Iron Door Pub, three more National Guard soldiers and a Minneapolis police officer stood out front, watching the street. A handful of other soldiers were scattered nearby, along with four camouflaged Humvees and a couple police cars.
Out Of Sight But Center Stage, Jurors Weigh Derek Chauvin's FateThe jurors who sat quietly off-camera through three weeks of draining testimony in Derek Chauvin's murder trial in George Floyd's death moved into the spotlight Tuesday, still out of sight but now in control of verdicts awaited by a skittish city.
On Preparations For Chauvin Trial Outcome, Biden Administration Says 'We'll Wait For The Verdict'The Biden administration is privately weighing how to handle the upcoming verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, including considering whether President Joe Biden should address the nation and dispatching specially trained community facilitators from the Justice Department, aides and officials told The Associated Press.
What Happens During Jury Deliberations?After weeks of listening, it's now time for the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial to speak up.
Derek Chauvin Trial Is In Jury's Hands After Both Sides Make Closing ArgumentsTwelve Minnesotans are now deciding what happens to Derek Chauvin, the ex-police officer charged with the death of George Floyd.
Derek Chauvin Trial: The 12 Jurors Deliberating His FutureThe jury deliberating in the trial of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd 's death, is a racially diverse group that pledged before testimony began that they could set aside any preconceptions and decide the case based on the evidence.
Derek Chauvin Trial, April 19 Live Updates: Derek Chauvin's Fate Is Now In Jury's HandsAfter 14 days of testimony, with 44 witnesses taking the stand, the attorneys in the Derek Chauvin trial will give their closing arguments Monday in the biggest criminal case in Minnesota history. After that, the case will be handed to the jury, which will be sequestered until they come to a decision.
With Chauvin Verdict Looming, Facebook Deems Minneapolis ‘High-Risk Location’ And Will Remove Content That Promotes ViolenceFacebook officials say they are preparing for the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin and will be removing content that calls for violence in Minneapolis.
Timeline: Key Events Since George Floyd's Arrest And Death
Attorneys At Derek Chauvin Trial In George Floyd's Death To Make Final PitchAttorneys in the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd are set to make their closing arguments Monday, each side seeking to distill three weeks of testimony to persuade jurors to deliver their view of the right verdict.
Derek Chauvin Trial: How Jury Deliberations Will WorkAfter more than two weeks of witness testimony and hours of attorney arguments, the fate of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin is now in the hands of a jury that will decide if he is responsible for George Floyd's death.