Kenneth Clark Found Guilty Of Sexual Conduct Committed 7 Years AgoForensic test results gave powerful DNA evidence that Kenneth Clark is guilty of committing sexual assault in 2012, the St. Louis County Attorney's Office said. 
Home DNA Kit Test Results Drop Bombshell In Man's Family Tree“The results I got back on my test were anything but cute and funny,” he said. “The more I looked into it the more shocked I became."
Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA Shows Hints Of Native American Heritage Responding to years of derision by President Donald Trump and other critics, Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday released a report on a DNA analysis that provides strong evidence she does, in fact, have Native American heritage.
'Super Snake' Slithering Around Florida? DNA Study Says YesA study of Florida's python population has discovered some unnerving information about a possibly terrifying new breed of slithering creatures.
Mpls. Woman Shares Her DNA-Test Inspired Adoption JourneyA Minneapolis woman is sharing the journey she began at age 50, after taking a home DNA test.
Downtown Buildings Using DNA To Find Dog Owners Who Don’t Pick Up PoopThe persistent pet waste problem has led dozens of apartment complexes in the metro area, including the Soo Line building, to hire Bio Pet Labs to tackle the issue.
Scientists Now Building Custom-Made DNA From ScratchScientists have long been able to make specific changes in the DNA code. Now, they're taking the more radical step of starting over, and building redesigned life forms from scratch.
BCA Wants Families Of Missing Persons To Volunteer DNAThe Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is making a call to families of the missing.
DNA Exonerates Man In Rape Case, Lands Other Sex Offender In JailCharles Stevenson, of Minnetonka, has been in jail since November. At the time, the 15-year-old victim identified him as her attacker after police showed her photos of known sex offenders.
BCA Investigators Highlight How New Tech Is Helping Solve Cold Cases The state's top crime investigators are showing off their new technology that helps solves old crimes.
Dakota County Begins DNA CollectionA county south of the Twin Cities begins collecting DNA samples from people arrested and charged with violent crimes. Previously an individual had to be convicted before a DNA sample could be collected. But a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2013 changed that.