Eden Prairie Police Rescue Ducklings From Storm DrainThis is a relatively frequent occurrence, and police in Eden Prairie typically perform a similar rescue multiple times each spring.
Bemidji Photographer Snaps Photo Of Mama Duck With 76 BabiesA mama duck in Minnesota has captured hearts across the nation after a Bemidji photographer snapped an image of her leading an astonishing 76 ducklings across a lake.
Mallard Shares Backyard Pool With St. Louis Park FamilyThanks to raccoons, it's been 10 years since nature buff Rick Rice has had a successful hatch in his yard.
DNR Optimistic About Duck Hunting OpenerOfficials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Ducks Unlimited are optimistic about the waterfowl season in Minnesota, which starts a half-hour before sunrise Saturday.
Duck Hunting Impacted By Wetlands DroughtThe prevalence of wetlands isn't the only determining factor in how many ducks will be available to hunters.
Wisconsin Students Look After Family Of DucksThey're even building a special duck house to protect future ducklings even after they're gone.
Todd Richards, Bruce Boudreau, And The Value Of A Change Of Pace FiringWhen expectations aren't being met, there's very little that a general manager of an NHL team can do to right the ship other than firing their head coach.
Ducks Shot By Minnesota Hunters Test Negative For Bird FluTests on over 750 ducks shot by Minnesota hunters this fall have turned up no signs of the kind of bird flu that devastated the Midwest poultry industry earlier this year.
Turkey Growers Prep For Possible Fall Bird Flu OutbreakMinnesota turkey farmers are a little on edge these days as the state's waterfowl start to fly south for the winter. Ducks and other waterfowl are believed to be the primary source of avian influenza. They are carriers of the bug, but are somehow immune to it.
Tests On Ducks Could Provide Early Warning On Bird FluAs the poultry industry braces for a potential return of bird flu this fall, wildlife managers expect the first results next week from tests that could provide an early warning on whether ducks are carrying the disease as they fly south for the winter.
State Patrol Warns Don't Stop For Ducklings On HighwaysAs unpopular as it may seem, the Minnesota State Patrol is advising motorists not to stop for wildlife that may have meandered onto a busy interstate. The advice comes after drivers on Interstate 35 in the Twin Cities metro could be seen on transportation video stopping or swerving to avoid a duck leading a line of ducklings across the busy road.