Week Before Election, Minneapolis Opens Two More Early Voting SitesMinneapolis opened two additional early voting sites Tuesday, a week ahead of the Nov. 3 election.
Who Is Voting Early In Minnesota?Who is voting early? Good Question.
The Psychology Of Voting: How People Decide Which Candidates To SupportWhen it comes to politics - between the constant stream of news, ads, social media feeds, and real-life conversations, how do we make sense of it all? How do we make a decision for who to vote for?
Over 1 Million Absentee Ballots Have Been Accepted So Far In MinnesotaOver one million absentee ballots have been accepted so far in Minnesota, according to the latest data from the Minnesota Secretary of State website.
More Than 75,000 In Wisconsin Cast Ballots On 1st Day Of Early In-Person VotingMore than 75,000 people in Wisconsin cast ballots on the first day of early in-person voting in the presidential battleground state, the state elections commission reported.
How Are Absentee Ballots Counted?The Minnesota Secretary of State is reporting that more than 900,000 Minnesotans have already cast their ballots.
A Closer Look At Minnesota's Atypical ElectionAfter enduring months of bitter and polarizing political campaigning, Minnesotans eager for the finish line with next month's election may have to wait just a few days more.
Minnesota Voters Return Ballots At Record-Breaking LevelsEarly voting has been underway for about a month, and the director of elections for Blue Earth County says the turnout so far is "unprecedented."
Over 19,000 Minneapolis Voters Have Cast Their Ballots EarlyIt's been almost two weeks since early voting began in Minnesota, and in that time, the city of Minneapolis says over 19,000 people have cast their ballots.
Everything You Need To Know About Early Voting In MinnesotaEarly voting in Minnesota started on September 18 and that’s brought in many Good Questions.
Minnesota Absentee And Early Primary Voting SurgesMinnesota experienced a surge in absentee and early voting ahead of Tuesday's primary, and the results of some races may not be immediately known because officials must count mail-in ballots that trickle in later under safety rules imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.