Clinton Says No Email Apology: 'What I Did Was Allowed'Hillary Rodham Clinton says she does not need to apologize for using a private email account and server while at the State Department because, "what I did was allowed."
Server Update Brings Down Email For 50,000 Public EmployeesEmail service for about 50,000 public employees is down. Minnesota information technology officials say the outage began at 1 a.m. Wednesday and wasn't caused by an outside security breach.
Gmail Adds New 'Undo' FunctionWe've probably all had that feeling: you just sent an email and your stomach plunges because you sent it to a group or to the wrong person.
Gov. Dayton Responds To Email CriticismGov. Mark Dayton doesn't use a state government email account. He uses his personal AOL account only for public, political and personal business. "It's been simpler for 15 years to just be able to do it straightforward. I pay the cost and there's no question about whether I'm using government property for personal or political purpose.
Gov. Dayton Uses Personal Email For WorkMinnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has never used a state government email account provided to all state employees. He uses only one address -- a personal account on In fact, it's the same AOL account he set up 15 years ago.
4 Things To Know: Netanyahu Speech, Hillary Clinton Email Controversy & MoreHere’s a look at the four most notable stories you need to know about for the morning of Monday, March 3, 2015.
Put Down The Phone, Parents; It Could Be Affecting Your Kids
Email Mishap Has MNsure Under Scrutiny…AgainMNsure is under fire, again. This time it’s because of an employee accidentally sent out an email containing the personal information of thousands of Minnesotans.
Good Question: When Can Your Boss Or The Cops Read Your Email?Personal behavior led to the downfall of General David Petreaus. But so did emails. A FBI investigation into email led them to the affair. The situation has many wondering about when and who can have access to our emails.
BlackBerry Blackout: Will Users Jump Ship?Research in Motion is still trying to correct a worldwide outage affecting BlackBerry cell phone users.
Pat Kessler's Mailbag On Obama's Millionaire TaxMany of WCCO-TV's viewers reacted strongly to Pat Kessler's Reality Check Tuesday night on President Obama's plan for a millionaire tax.