2 State Senators Defect From DFL To Form New Independent CaucusSens. Thomas Bakk and David Tomassoni say they're doing so to take an opportunity to better serve their districts within the legislative framework.
Gov. Walz Expected To Announce Restrictions On Youth Sports, Gyms, Bars, And RestaurantsMinnesota's COVID-19 situation is as bad as it was in New York in the spring. Gov. Tim Walz says he will be announcing major dial-backs on youth fall and winter sports Wednesday.
Why Are Some Minnesotans Ignoring Pleas To Take COVID Seriously?A viewer sent WCCO a video of a party bus picking up people outside a bar in Minneapolis's North Loop neighborhood at 10:15 p.m. Saturday night, with bus riders being able to do what the state wanted to stop -- gathering and partying after 10 p.m.
Special Session Ends With GOP Not Voting To End Gov. Walz's Emergency PowersRepublicans say they do agree with the governor that the situation is serious, but they still don't agree with his use of the powers.
Gov. Walz Announces New Milestone In Ending Veteran Homelessness In MNGov. Tim Walz is marking Veterans Day by announcing a new milestone in ending veteran homelessness in the state of Minnesota.
Gov. Tim Walz Announces New COVID-19 Restrictions, Earlier Restaurant And Bar Closing TimesWalz plans to unveil at least some of his restrictions at 2 p.m. Tuesday, hinting they would be more "surgically, much more aggressively" targeted.
Sources: Walz To Announce Restrictions On Bar And Restaurant Closing Times, WeddingsGov. Tim Walz said Monday that he plans to announce new restrictions that target active spreaders of COVID-19 in an effort to bring the coronavirus under control as cases have surged to dangerous levels in recent weeks.
George Floyd Case: Judge Rules Joint Trial For All 4 Ex-MPD Officers, Change Of Venue Motions Denied For NowThe judge in the George Floyd case has issued several decisions, including a ruling to try all four former Minneapolis police officers together in one trial.
Fischbach's End Of Peterson's 7th District Dominance Signals Sea Change: 'They’re Sick Of The Way Things Are Going'The 7th District is a prime example of a trend in Minnesota and across the country that has accelerated under President Trump: agricultural and rural areas, as well as small towns, shifting from solidly Democratic to solidly Republican.
Two Very Different Scenes Expected At DFL, GOP Election Night HeadquartersDemocrats believe the turnout will top the modern day record of 77% set back in 2008, and they think that is going to benefit them and power them to victory.
'It's Pretty Electric Out There On All Sides': Anxiety High Over Mail-In Ballots Arriving After Election DayTo date, more than 2 million absentee ballots have been requested in Minnesota. Of those, 1.7 million have already been returned, leaving more than 338,000 still outstanding.