Goat Gives Iowa Police The RunaroundNo one knew where the goat came from but it had a cut on a front leg that needed a veterinarian's attention.
St. Paul Police Recover Goat Stolen In 'Kid'-nappingPolice spokesman Steve Linders says the stolen goat was one of 30 that had been situated in the park to eat invasive weeds.
Goats Get To Work Eating Invasive Plants In St. Paul ParkSt. Paul has 37 new employees - and they're being paid to eat. The workers are goats.
A Minn. State Fair Tradition: The 'Miracle Of Birth Center' ReturnsThe Minnesota State Fair is all about tradition. Every year, you probably have Sweet Martha's Cookies, the cheese curds and swing by the Miracle of Birth Center, which is one of the most popular attractions at the Fair.
Trending Now: Google Glass, Rooftops & ‘Game of Goats’Some call Google Glass the next big thing, while others dismiss them as a goofy-looking fad that will go the way of the Zune, if you can even remember the Zune.
MDH: Pumpkin Patch Petting Zoo Infects 3 Children With E. ColiThree people have confirmed E. coli infections from a Minnesota pumpkin patch petting zoo, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The three cases are all children – from 15 months old to 7 years old – and one child is hospitalized with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious complication of an E. coli infection characterized by kidney failure.
Twin Cities Company Tries Innovative Landscaping Approach -- GoatsA Twin Cities company is using an unorthodox way to help deal with a thorny landscaping issue. About 120 goats are grazing the grounds surrounding the Flint Hills Refinery in Rosemount.
Duluth Zoo Facing Citation After Animals Drowned In FloodThe Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth is now facing a citation after several animals drowned there during this summer's flooding.
Guide To The Minnesota ZooWe’re the kind of family that makes at least one trek to each of the zoos in the Twin Cities every year. We love both the Minnesota Zoo and Como Zoo, each for different reasons. When we’re in the mood for a more intimate day that involves less time and considerably less walking, we head to Como. And when we’re craving the full-blown, walk until you drop, all day experience, we head to the Minnesota Zoo!