Is It Unhealthy To Stay Inside All Day?The Twin Cities could dip back into the single digits later this week, which makes it pretty easy to just hunker down inside. But is it unhealthy to stay inside all day? Good Question.
Why Do Tires Lose Pressure In Cold Weather?As the weather gets colder, drivers might notice the tire pressure light going off in the car. It's common as winter settles in.
Why Are So Many Malls In Minnesota Called (Blank)-dale?Southdale came first in 1956, followed by what used to be Brookdale Center in 1962. Rosedale was the third in the family in 1969 and Ridgedale came last in 1974.
What Does Online Sales Tax Mean For Shoppers?Shoppers are expected to spend more than $7 billion this Cyber Monday. Thanks to a recent ruling from the Supreme Court, some of them will get charged an online sales tax they didn't pay before.
How Are Christmas Trees Grown?For many families, it's an annual tradition. You cut down your Christmas tree at the same place, year after year. You may see the little trees on the way to find the big ones. So, how are Christmas trees grown? Good Question. We headed to Krueger’s Christmas Trees in Lake Elmo. Deb and Neil Krueger have sold Christmas trees there for 35 years.
How Do They Heat U.S. Bank Stadium?When the Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers this weekend, the temperature outside could be in the mid-20s. But on the field, and in the stands, it will be a good 50-degrees warmer.
What Do 'Use By' And 'Sell By' Food Labels Actually Mean?Every year, Americans waste about 40 percent of the food we grow and make. Experts say part of that reason could be people don't understand the dates printed on the packaging of the foods.
Why Do Gas Prices Vary So Much?According to AAA, the average gas price in Minnesota is $2.52/gallon, but it fluctuates between $2.25/gallon and $2.75/gallon.