Gov. Walz Activates National Guard For Pence VisitMinnesota's governor called in the National Guard on Thursday to help provide security and keep the peace during a visit by Vice President Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump to the city where George Floyd's death sparked angry protests that spread around the world.
Gov. Walz Urges Trump, Biden To Follow Virus Guidelines During Minnesota VisitMinnesota Gov. Tim Walz urged the campaigns of President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Tuesday to abide by the state's guidelines for slowing the spread of the coronavirus when the candidates visit Minnesota on Friday.
'We Need Help': Minneapolis Park And Rec. Board Superintendent Discusses Growing Homelessness ProblemWith limited shelter space, Minneapolis' nationally renowned parks have become a refuge for those with nowhere to turn. There are now 347 tents in 29 parks.
With Walz's Decision On School Looming, Local Pediatrician Weighs In On COVID-19 Child ImpactsWCCO's Erin Hassanzadeh shows us what families need to know about COVID-19's potential impact on kids.
Robbinsdale School District Prepares For Different Scenarios Ahead Of Walz’s School Plan AnnouncementWe're just a day away from finding out the fate for Minnesota schools this Fall. Districts have been getting ready for several scenarios. One district is working hand in hand with the teacher's union to make sure both students and educators have support.
Annual Rodeo Held In Northern Minnesota Welcomes Thousands Over The Weekend Protesting Statewide Mask MandateA rodeo held every year in northern Minnesota welcomed a crowd of thousands over the weekend. That's despite the order from Gov. Walz to limit crowds.
Gov. Walz Visits Henderson Thursday, Urges Legislature To Pass Bonding BillOn Thursday, Gov. Tim Walz visited Henderson to urge the legislature to pass the $1.35 billion infrastructure, jobs and bonding bill.
Reality Check: Is South Dakota's Strategy Of Luring Minnesota Businesses A New Tactic?The state of South Dakota has launched a major marketing campaign-- in Minnesota. It's unusual not just because it's targeting Minnesota businesses, but because it's asking them to re-locate due to Minnesota's pandemic shut down.
Senate Republicans Question Decisions Leaders Made Early On During Unrest In The Twin CitiesIt was the question asked repeatedly during the first days of the riots: where is the National Guard? When the Guard showed up in force the Saturday after George Floyd's death the violence eased dramatically.
Coronavirus (MN): Gov. Walz Announces Over Half Million Tested In State, Capacity To Test 20,000 Per DayOn Monday, Gov. Tim Walz announced that Minnesota has hit its “moonshot” testing goal of having the capacity for 20,000 COVID-19 tests per day.
Businesses Slowly Start Opening As Part Of Gov. Walz's Phase 3 PlanIt's the first ladies lunch out for Rita Gaspar and her friends she's known since high school.