Zellers Inks Tax Pledge In Minnesota Governor RaceRepublican candidate Kurt Zellers said Wednesday he had signed a conservative group's pledge that rules out any net tax increases and most new fees as budget options if he becomes Minnesota governor, a position he reinforces in a television ad ahead of next month's wide-open GOP primary.
Zellers Taps Former Rep. Simpson As His No. 2Republican gubernatorial candidate Kurt Zellers has looked inside his own campaign for a running mate with the selection of former state Rep. Dean Simpson. The announcement Thursday is the latest pairing involving a current or former House member.
Meeting On Frivolous Ballot Challenges Gets HeatedThousands of ballots will get a closer look from the lawyers in the Minnesota gubernatorial recount, but it's becoming clearer that Republican Tom Emmer won't overcome a lead by Democrat Mark Dayton.
Fate Of 'Frivolous' Challenges Up To Canvassing BoardThousands of Minnesota ballot challenges have been deemed frivolous in the governor's recount. It's up to a state board to figure out what to do with them.
Spreadsheets Add Up To Perception In Minn. RecountNotes jotted on hundreds of clipboards create the raw data stream. Number crunchers in back offices do the rest as both sides in Minnesota's close governor's race chart every ballot challenged in a statewide manual recount of more than 2.1 million ballots.
MN Court May Weigh In On Governor's RaceThe Minnesota Supreme Court took steps Thursday to weigh in on the undecided governor's race before a canvassing board meets Tuesday to order a recount.
Minn. Maps Out County Recount PlansMinnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has mapped out a county-by-county plan for a recount in the governor's race between Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer.
1st Legal Salvo In Gov. Race: GOP Presses For DataMinnesota Republicans want a court order to speed up the release of election data by two counties in the state's unsettled race for governor.
Pawlenty To Sit Down With Dayton TuesdayFor the second straight day, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is meeting with someone who could take his job.
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