Coronavirus In Minnesota: Guthrie Cancels All Performances Through April 5"After careful consideration and with the desire to ensure the health and safety of everyone who engages with the Guthrie, this proactive measure was taken in light of the COVID-19 pandemic," the theater reported.
Amelia & Frank Go Behind The Scenes, And On Stage, Of 'A Christmas Carol'Amelia Santaniello and Frank Vascellaro go behind the scenes -- and become part of the Dickens' classic!
Guthrie Ordered To Cease And Desist From Unfair Labor PracticesAfter an ongoing legal battle, a judge has ordered the Guthrie Theater to cease and desist from unfair labor practices. 
Guthrie Investigating Sexual Misconduct In Scene ShopThis comes after two people reported that they had resigned from the Guthrie.
Guthrie Theater's New Season Explores Contemporary IssuesThe Guthrie Theater's new season will explore contemporary issues such as race relations and cultural assimilation.
'The Royal Family' Now Playing At Guthrie Theater"The Royal Family" is now playing at Guthrie Theater through March 19.
Guthrie Reports Modest Surplus Under New Artistic DirectorThe Guthrie Theater has reported a modest surplus under its new artistic director. The Tony Award-winning Minneapolis theater reported Monday it finished the fiscal year with an operating surplus of $47,408 on a budget of $28 million.
Minnesotan To Meet: Guthrie Theater Draper DJ GramannHe got his start working with Jim Henson's Muppets, and now
Best R&B Concerts Coming To MinnesotaR&B lives. See five powerful displays of soulful blues in Minnesota this season.
'South Pacific' @ Guthrie TheaterGuthrie actors Erin Mackey and Edward Staudenmayer are on today’s noon show. "South Pacific" is at the Guthrie Theater until Aug. 28.
Meet 'Harvey'"Harvey" is now playing at the Guthrie Theater. The play "Harvey" won a Pulitzer Prize in 1945.