Guy On A Bike: President Trump & BicyclesWhile you likely won’t see him donning a spandex kit with the presidential seal, Trump does have some connections to the cycling industry.
Guy On A Bike: Fat Biking In A BlizzardChristopher Tassava of Northfield is a determined cyclist and a passionate advocate for the sport. Not only does the dedicated father commute to his job at Carleton College, but he eagerly takes on new cycling challenges reserved for only the most elite endurance cyclists.
Guy On A Bike: Minneapolis Pillsbury’s Pedal PowerThe Pedal Power Bike Program, now in its fifth year, is an after-school activity that runs from the start of the school year until Thanksgiving, or later depending on weather.
Guy On A Bike: 'Bike Lanes Are White Lanes' Book ReviewDr. Melody Hoffman argues that the systems and advocacy that have led to special bike lanes are also leaving certain groups out of the loop.
Guy On A Bike: 410 Bike ProjectHer journey took her from Mankato to Minneapolis, where hipsters and fixies abound, all the way down to Delavan, home of an annual Tractor-cade.
Guy On A Bike: Fergus Falls Has Something For All CyclistsSome very passionate cycling advocates have banded together and made Fergus Falls one of the best places for cyclists in Minnesota.
Guy On A Bike: Minneapolis Bicycle Auctions & Protecting Your RideEvery year the city of Minneapolis recovers hundreds of unclaimed bicycles around the city.
Guy On A Bike: Cycling ScofflawsThrough public data requests and some old fashioned research, I have come up with some interesting facts and anecdotes about cycling laws broken in Hennepin County, Minnesota’s most populous.
Guy On A Bike: To Stop Or Not To StopWhenever I write about cyclists sharing the road with motorized traffic, I inevitably receive comments or emails about a blatant lack of respect for the law by cyclists. Riders are, after all, considered traffic and subject to the same laws as motorists. This includes stopping at both stop signs and stop lights; often cited by critics of absconding cyclists as one of the laws most frequently abused.
Guy On A Bike: Meet Unicycle DanIf you're a regular in the Twin Cities cycling scene, you may have noticed Dan riding his trusty steed in all conditions and seasons.
Guy On A Bike: Bikes As Tools For LearningBetsy Stretch is a self-proclaimed bike geek, and proud of it. So, when the MN Department of Education began implementing engineering science standards for middle school students, she used bicycles as a teaching tool in her classes at Marcy Open.