Bird Flu Found At South Dakota Egg-Laying Chicken FarmSouth Dakota has its first case of bird flu at an egg-laying chicken farm that holds 1.3 million of the birds.
Egg, Turkey Meat Prices Begin To Rise As Bird Flu SpreadsPrices for eggs and turkey meat are rising as an outbreak of bird flu in the Midwest claims an increasing number of chickens and turkeys. Market experts say grocery stores and wholesalers are trying to stock up on eggs, but there's no need to worry about having enough turkeys for Thanksgiving.
Minnesota Moves To Help Farmers Whose Flocks Hit By Bird FluGov. Mark Dayton says he's behind a move to offer loans to Minnesota poultry farmers hit hard by bird flu. A bill at the Legislature would open $10 million up to farmers with birds who caught the highly pathogenic virus. Every farmer could get up to $200,000 to replace flocks, make building improvements or otherwise cover their losses.
Bird Flu Virus Raises Questions Scientists Working To AnswerIt's been five months since the H5N2 bird flu virus was discovered in the United States, and producers have lost 21 million birds in the Midwest alone. Yet, researchers acknowledge they still know little about a bird flu virus that's endangered turkey and egg-laying chicken populations that supply much of the nation.
Iowa Governor Declares State Of Emergency In Response To Bird FluA state of emergency was declared Friday by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad with nearly 17 million chickens and turkeys dead, dying or scheduled to be euthanized due to a widening bird flu outbreak.
State Extends Emergency Declaration For Bird Flu ResponseState officials say the cost for responding to a deadly bird flu outbreak has risen to roughly $6 million. The scope of the outbreak has nearly doubled in the last week alone. Nearly 50 Minnesota turkey farms had been hit as of Friday, costing farmers almost 3 million birds.
Bird Flu Hits 13 More Minnesota Farms With Over 430K TurkeysThe number of Minnesota farms hit by bird flu outbreaks has taken a big jump — 13 new farms with over 430,000 turkeys. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in an update Wednesday evening that the farms with newly confirmed H5N2 infections are all in counties where other farms had been affected earlier.
Lawmakers Shore Up Response Funds As Bird Flu Wracks StateMinnesota lawmakers are aiming to provide extra money as the state struggles to get a bird flu outbreak under wraps.
Bird Flu Takes Biggest Toll Yet As Virus Hits Chicken FarmsPoultry producers and scientists have been hoping warmer weather would knock down a virulent strain of bird flu that has hammered the Midwest, but the virus recently took its biggest toll yet, hitting a farm in Iowa that held more than 5 percent of the state's egg-laying chickens.
Hormel Says Bird Flu Outbreak Will Hurt Turkey SalesHormel says it will sell less turkey this year because of a spreading bird flu outbreak. Farmers have been forced to kill more than 2.4 million turkeys since March. Most of the birds were in Minnesota, where Hormel is based.
Another Minnesota Turkey Farm Hit By Deadly Bird Flu StrainFederal authorities have confirmed another infection in Minnesota of a deadly bird flu strain. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday the latest farm hit by the H5N2 virus had 23,000 turkeys in Kandiyohi County of west-central Minnesota.
Walker Declares State Of Emergency Over Bird FluGov. Scott Walker has declared a state of emergency following an outbreak of the deadly bird flu in Wisconsin.
Minnesota Confirms 4 New Cases Of H5N2 Bird FluMinnesota officials have confirmed four more cases of a bird flu strain that's cost the state's turkey producers over 1.6 million birds. The affected farms include one in Roseau County, the northernmost detection of the H5N2 virus in Minnesota so far.
Wisconsin Confirms 2nd And 3rd Outbreaks Of Bird FluWisconsin has confirmed its second and third outbreaks of a form of bird flu that's deadly to poultry.
Bird Flu Outbreak Could Head Eastward With Fall MigrationSome scientists say that eastern U.S. poultry producers should brace for the potential arrival of a deadly bird flu virus outbreak that farmers in the Midwest have struggled to stop. The fear is that if the virus isn't already lurking in the Atlantic Flyway, it could spread there this fall when wild ducks fly south for the winter.