Minnesotans Embrace New Law During 1st Week As Hands-Free StateMinnesota State Patrol ordered 7,000 hands-free phone devices to give away for free. It's a two-piece set with a magnet that goes on the back of your phone and a clip that attaches to your car air vent.
State Patrol Troopers Pull Over Hundreds Since Implementation Of Hands-Free LawOverall, troopers say they are a bit frustrated. Over the past few months, they've blasted Minnesotans with information on using mounts and not holding your phone, but it seems some habits are hard to break.
St. Paul Police Pull Over Dozens On 1st Day Of Hands-Free LawWCCO rode along as an officer reminded drivers you can't hold your phone to your ear or in your hand even if it's on speaker.
Hands-Free Law Takes Effect ThursdayA new law is forcing many of us to change how we use our phones. Starting Thursday, it is no longer legal to hold your phone with your hand while you're driving.
‘No Joke’: Driver Cited For Hands-Free Law Was Texting About The Hands-Free LawPolice in the south metro say a driver was cited Thursday for texting about Minnesota’s new hands-free law the very day it went into effect.
'Trying To Save You': Families Impacted By Distracted Driving Rally Around Hands-Free BillMore than 500 people have died from distracted driving over the past 10 years, but state lawmakers failed to pass the law year after year. Now, it's those brokenhearted relatives who finally made it happen.
How The Hands-Free Law May Affect Your Car Insurance PremiumIt’ll take a year or two for the data to show and the prices to adjust accordingly. However, the financial stakes are high for people who choose to break the law.
What To Buy To Comply With Minnesota's New Hands-Free LawWith Minnesota’s new hands-free law comes a bump in sales for Best Buy’s tech accessories, according to a spokesperson. There are dozens of choices for drivers who want to stay connected safely and legally, ranging from Bluetooth headsets to car mounts to in-car systems.
What To Know Before Hands-Free Law Goes Into EffectViolations will cost from $50 to $275 plus court fees depending on the offense. Another important takeaway from the new law is no touching your phone at traffic lights or when waiting in traffic.
'Make Our Roads Safer': MN State Patrol Chief Matt Langer Explains Hands-Free LawIn two and a half weeks, the state’s new hands-free driving law goes into effect.