How Does Food Waste Get Composted?This Thanksgiving, people across Minnesota will likely be throwing out food, even when they don't want to. But, depending on where you live, none of that food needs to end up in a landfill.
'I'd Do It All Over Again': A Look At The Minnesotans Who've Served Their NationAcross Minnesota, there are 304,000 veterans -- about 5.5% of the population.
What Are The Best Ways To Save On Gas?According to AAA, gas prices in Minnesota right now are $3.19 a gallon. That's up 15 cents from a month ago and more than a dollar from last year. So what are ways to save on gas? Good Question.
Why Can't Minnesotans Figure Out The Zipper Merge?“If you've been through a merge point where the zipper merge is done, it feels magical," MnDOT's Jake Loesch said.
Good Question: How Do They Make It Snow Inside U.S. Bank Stadium?It is not lost on the Vikings that the last time it snowed inside a Vikings stadium was a disaster. In 2010, the Metrodome collapsed under the weight of 17 inches of snow.
What's The Debt Limit? And What Impact Would It Have On Your Wallet If It's Not Raised?After weeks of partisan wrangling, U.S. lawmakers reached a last-minute deal to avoid a financial crisis, for now, agreeing to pay off America's credit card through early December.
How Do Vaccines Become Required For Minnesota Schoolchildren?While some exemptions are allowed for medical and non-medical reasons, approximately 90% of Minnesota schoolchildren take several vaccines before junior high.
Good Question: Amid Hispanic Heritage Month, What's Minnesota’s Latino History?Hispanic Heritage Month is being celebrated across the country through October 15. It’s a time to recognize the cultures and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. In Minnesota, that’s a population that’s diverse and growing. So, what is Minnesota’s Latino history? And, what does the population look like now? Good Questions.
How Do U Of M-Developed Apple Varieties Get Their Names?It's the season for visiting apple orchards or stopping by the grocery store to pick up one of the eighteen apple varieties started by the University of Minnesota.
How Did Pumpkin Spice Become The Flavor Of Fall?It seems like everyone is selling something pumpkin spice these days.
Students In Minneapolis Return To Classrooms With Masks RequiredIt's up to each district to require masks. Some are making their decisions based on the local COVID-19 positivity rate.