How Well Do Solar Panels Work In The Snow?The Twin Cities is equivalent to Houston or Tallahassee when it comes to available sunlight. That’s less than Phoenix or Denver, but more than Germany, one of the world’s solar leaders.
Why Are All Of Our Sports Teams Named After The State?Minnesota is the only place in the country where all of its professional sports teams are named after states, rather than cities. So, how did that happen? Good Question.
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Good Question: Why Are Red And Green The Colors Of Christmas?One theory involves the crown of thorns -- the holly -- placed on Jesus' head leading up to the crucifixion.
How Long Are Germs Infectious Outside The Human Body?Flu viruses will remain infectious on hard surfaces, like tables or doorknobs for up to 24 hours.
Who Are All The People On The Sidelines During Vikings Games?On Monday night, Minnesotans will see the Vikings go up against the Packers on CBS. As the camera cuts away to the overhead shots, viewers will see lots of people on the field during the game. That had Jake from Plymouth wanting to know: Who are all those people on the sidelines? Good Question.
Is The End Of The Year Really A Good Time To Buy A Car?It's been 20 years since Lexus first put red bows on new cars during the holidays. That move helped changed how the entire auto-dealer industry operates this time of year.