What Happens To Final Four Courts After The Championship?Every year, the winning team gets the first crack at buying an everlasting reminder of a game well-played. In recent history, most schools have taken up the floor's manufacturer on that offer.
How Has Minneapolis Changed Since The Last Final Four?For some basketball fans, this weekend could be their first trip back to Minneapolis in 18 years. So how has the city changed?
How Do They Divvy Up Final Four Tickets?According to the NCAA, half are given to the general public, which is the largest allocation of tickets to the general public of any national sporting event.
How Much Money Do Schools Get From The NCAA Tournament?This year, the NCAA will bring in more than $1 billion from the March Madness tournament.
What Happens To Sandbags After Floods?For weeks, river towns fill sandbag after sandbag.
How Many Streaming Accounts Can We Handle?On Tuesday, Apple announced its new streaming video service starting this fall. The streaming talk often focuses on the behemoth that is Netflix, but there are hundreds of services to choose from.
What's The Difference Between Milk & Non-Dairy Alternatives?Cow’s milk is fortified with Vitamins A and D. Most of the plant-based, non-dairy alternatives are fortified with those vitamins as well as calcium and phosphorus.
Flashback: The 1st Intercollegiate Basketball Game Was Played At HamlineBack then, there were no three-pointers. Each bucket counted for a single point. Players weren't allowed to dribble, but rather just pivot and pass.