Why Are There So Few Female CEOs?When she took over the reins at Best Buy on Tuesday, Corrie Barry became the 34th woman currently running a Fortune 500 company. That means women now make up slightly less than 7% of Fortune 500 CEOs. So, why are there so few? Good Question.
What Makes Up Plant-Based Meat Substitutes?Both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have stated goals of trying to get people to eat more plants than animal meat, but when it comes to nutritional differences, there's still debate about which is better.
How Do Courts Determine Felony Sentences?Mohamed Noor will be back in court Friday morning when a judge will give him his sentence for fatally shooting Justine Ruszczyk Damond in 2017. So, how do courts determine these felony sentences? Good Question.
When Should Homeowners Refinance?Since November 2018, 30-year fixed average mortgage rates have dropped from 4.94% to 3.99%. According to Black Knight’s Mortgage Monitor report, that means six million homeowners are now candidates for refinancing. That's up from four million in April.
Why Are The Twins Hitting So Many Home Runs?As of May 27, the Minnesota Twins hit homers in 20 of their last 21 games, tied the club record for most dingers in a month, and became one of only two teams in MLB history to reach 100 goners in the first 50 games of the season.
A Day In The Life: Behind-The-Scenes Look At Minnesota LynxFor weeks the four-time champion team has been gearing up with practices, exhibition games and adjusting to life without Maya Moore or Lindsey Whalen.
How Much Student Loan Debt Do Americans Have?Meredith Fergus with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education recommends not taking out more than a student's expected first-year salary, take out less every year and don't put college loans ahead of retirement savings.
Why Do We Become So Attached To TV Characters?“The Big Bang Theory” has captured hearts for 12 years. Fan favorites like Sheldon and Penny have offered viewers every range of emotions.
How Do Tariffs Work?On Monday, China announced a new round of tariffs in retaliation for American tariffs that were put in place last week. President Donald Trump has argued that China will pay for the new tax on imports. But is that really how tariffs work?
Minnesota Joins Massive Lawsuit Over Generic DrugsMinnesota has joined 42 other states and Puerto Rico in suing some of the biggest generic drug makers in the country for alleged price fixing.
Why Do We Take The Census?The Supreme Court will decide if a controversial question about citizenship is added to next year's census. The Justice Department says it needs an accurate count to enforce the Voting Rights Act, but critics say it could cause large groups of people to skip the census.