5 Pounds Of Heroin, $11.5K Seized Across Southwest MetroAfter a six-month investigation, the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force said it collected the equivalent of a fifth of all drugs taken by the state last year. Five pounds of heroin were found, $11,500 in drug proceeds were taken, three people were arrested, and two people were charged for drug-related crimes at the end of the investigation.
2 Charged In Burnsville Heroin CaseKevin Termell Green, 35, and Minnie Kokiesha Loyd, 34, were charged in connection with possession of nearly 300 grams of heroin and almost $197,000 in cash, the Dakota County Attorney's Office said. Green and Loyd, both of Burnsville, were charged with one count of selling controlled substances in the first degree.
Beverly Burrell To Receive No Additional Prison Time For 2 More Heroin DeathsFamilies question whether a notorious drug dealer's punishment fits the crime. Beverly Burrell is already behind bars for killing three men with heroin.
Paramedics On The Front Lines Of Minnesota's Overdose BoomThe BCA recently reported 170 overdoses across the Twin Cities over a two week span. The victim died in 17 of those cases.
3rd Defendant Pleads Guilty In Red Lake Heroin Conspiracy That Killed 2Kristopher Sullivan, 24, pleaded guilty for his role in a heroin distribution conspiracy which led to two fatal shootings, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. Sullivan's co-defendants, Bryan Boardman, 25, and Franklin Jackson, 23, previously pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to distribute heroin, the office said.
'That's Astronomical': Minneapolis Police Respond To 65 Overdose Calls In 9 DaysThe war against drug overdoses has ripped through communities across the country. And now, police across the Twin Cities are dealing with a frightening battle of their own.
St. Paul Police: 5 Overdoses Reported In 36 HoursSt. Paul police say five people suffered suspected heroin overdoses in a 36-hour span.
Duluth Police: 2 Arrested In Historic $350K Heroin BustThe Duluth Police Department says a two-month investigation has resulted in two arrests and the largest heroin bust in the department’s history.
St. Paul Felon Charged With Heroin Distribution, Illegal FirearmsPhelixus Fitzgerald Mar Robinson, or "Storm," was charged with possessing and distributing heroin, as well as owning illegal firearms Wednesday, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.
North Mankato: Three Suspected Heroin Overdoses In 72 HoursThree North Mankato person have been hospitalized for a suspected heroin overdose within just 72 hours.
'Ticking Time Bomb': The Threat Opioid Distribution Sites Pose To The PublicEvery day, those on the front lines of the opioid crisis work to prevent deaths by stopping sales of the deadly drugs. Even in extreme cold, the DEA task force braved subzero temperatures and executed a search warrant on Wednesday. They said they had to move in to keep the community safe.