Puppies Among The 200 Rescued Animals Looking For A HomeAbout 200 animals that were rescued from a breeding facility in northern Minnesota will go up for adoption in the Twin Cities on Saturday. "We're gonna have a mad rush at our shelters tomorrow," said Kathie Johnson with the Animal Humane Society.
Trend Has Cities Banning Sale Of Dogs From ‘Puppy Mills’A new trend has some cities across the U.S. changing the way pet stores do business.
Wildlife Groups Sue To Stop Wolf Hunt Less than three weeks before Minnesota's first-ever wolf hunt, there is a last-ditch effort to protect the animals from hunters and trappers.
Northfield Honors Its Purple-Wearing Hometown HeroThe people of Northfield honored a hometown hero Thursday. Maggie Lee, 91, had worked at the local newspaper – the Northfield News -- for more than 65 years.
Costco Turns Against Tight Sow Pens Costco Wholesale Corp. on Tuesday joined a growing list of retailers and restaurants in asking suppliers to phase out the use of small pens for pregnant sows, as an animal welfare group prepared to release an undercover video showing conditions at one of its suppliers.
Pet Of The Week: Tula, Rescued From Bemidji HoardersMeet Tula, a 1-year-old mix whom authorities rescued from hoarders, who kept her and more than 100 other dogs in filthy trailers.
Humane Society Targeted By Pro-Shelter CampaignThe Humane Society of the United States says it's under attack by a new group that's trying to starve it of funding by urging donors to send money to local animal shelters instead.
Animal Shelters Across Wis. At Or Near CapacityAnimal shelters across Wisconsin say the economy is also taking a toll on pets.
Stolen Pit Bull Returned To St. Cloud Animal ShelterA pit bull puppy stolen from a St. Cloud animal shelter has been found and returned to the shelter.
Sick Cats Left Outside Brown Co. Humane SocietyA south-central Minnesota animal shelter is dealing with 20 sick cats that were abandoned outside its front door.
Fat Cats Can Be Had For Slender PricePound for pound, the Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard, Ohio is offering an irresistible deal.