Good Question: Why Are Hailstones Different Sizes? Many of you ended up with dents in your cars and roofs. Reports on hail range from hail the size of a pea to the size of a tennis ball, or even bigger.
U Of Minn. Joins Other Universities In Challenging US Visa Restrictions On International Students: 'We Cannot Stand By In Good Conscience'University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel says the university will be joining an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit that challenges visa restrictions on international students.
University of Minnesota To Help International Students Comply With ICE DirectiveThe University of Minnesota is reviewing its fall semester plans to make sure that international students aren't forced to leave the country under new guidance from federal immigration authorities.
'They Took Me Away From My Family': ACLU-MN Sues Department Of Justice For Holding American Citizen In ICE CustodyOn Thursday, the ACLU of Minnesota sued the federal government for unlawfully holding an American citizen in ICE custody for a total of 11 months.
DNR: Deadline To Remove Ice Fishing Houses Is NearIf a shelter isn’t removed by the deadline, its owner will be cited and the house may be confiscated or destroyed by a conservation officer.
ICE Deports St. Paul Resident Who Killed Man While Driving DrunkJose Orlando Vasquez-Guillen was convicted of alcohol-related criminal vehicular homicide.
Water Patrol Unit Workers Stress Much Of Minnesota's Ice Isn't Yet Safe To Venture OntoThe Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Water Patrol unit says right now, no one should be driving cars or trucks out on the ice.
Shipping Impeded In Duluth As Iconic Lift Bridge Is Stuck With Heavy IceShipping traffic in Duluth's harbor has been impeded by an aerial lift bridge that has been stuck in the down position because of heavy ice.
ICE Critics Protest Outside Bishop Henry Whipple Building, Demand Name ChangeProtesters demonstrated Tuesday morning outside the Minneapolis offices of ICE, demanding that the name of Bishop Henry Whipple be removed from the building.
ICE Critics, Minnesota Clergy Want Bishop Henry Whipple's Name Removed From Minneapolis Federal BuildingClergy and immigration activists in Minnesota are trying to remove the name of a revered bishop from a federal building where hundreds of deportation orders are issued every year, calling the Trump administration's immigration crackdown an affront to his memory.
ICE Protesters Gather At Federal Building Complex Near Fort SnellingA protest is underway Tuesday afternoon outside a federal building complex near Fort Snelling.