ICE Critics, Minnesota Clergy Want Bishop Henry Whipple's Name Removed From Minneapolis Federal BuildingClergy and immigration activists in Minnesota are trying to remove the name of a revered bishop from a federal building where hundreds of deportation orders are issued every year, calling the Trump administration's immigration crackdown an affront to his memory.
Ilhan Omar Speaks Our Against Trump Administration Travel BanEight countries included in the proclamation were Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.
Appeals Court Restricts Immigration Holds In Nobles CountyThe Minnesota Court of Appeals says the Nobles County Sheriff's Office can't keep jail inmates in custody for immigration officials after those inmates are eligible for release in state cases.
Report: No Sherburne County Expansion For Immigration HoldsSherburne County's jail won't be expanding to take more immigration detainees.
Reality Check: The Truth About Immigrants In MinnesotaThe president's racist tweets have sharply focused the debate on who is legally in the United States and in Minnesota.
ICE Agents Break Car Window, Arrest Man In Minneapolis
Los Angeles Churches Promise Sanctuary From Migrant SweepsA dozen churches in the Los Angeles area have declared themselves sanctuaries for migrant families as the Trump administration's immigration crackdown is scheduled to begin. Guillermo Torres, with Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, says more churches have become involved than ever before, which he attributes to a growing sense of indignation at the administration's actions on immigration.
Hundreds March To Protest Immigration PoliciesHundreds of people protested the Trump administration's immigration policies during a march through south Minneapolis.
'You Control What's Happening At The Border': Democrats, Trump Blame Each Other For Migrant DeathsPresident Donald Trump and Democrats blamed each other Wednesday for the deaths of a migrant father and his toddler daughter whose bodies were seen in searing photographs.
'We Are Not Rising To The Moment': Ilhan Omar Speaks Against Detention Facilities, Muslim BanOne year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump's travel ban.
Attorney: Immigrants With US Family Ties Aren’t Getting In EasilyPresident Donald Trump is pushing to overhaul the nation's legal immigration system, placing an emphasis on skills and education over family ties.