Vets From Two Very Different Wars Reflect On The Fallen Memorial Day is especially meaningful for the families, friends and comrades left behind. While Veterans today are reflecting on lives lost during combat, they are also thinking of the families left without loved ones and the pain they endure every day.Their war experiences were different. Landon Steele was a combat medic in Iraq. Chuck Sasse was a flight engineer in World War II. But the emptiness they carry from the loss of their comrades is the same.
Injured Veteran Embraces Life After RecoveryFrom 2006 to 2007 Mike Simon served in Iraq. His life changed forever when he was hit by a rocket propelled grenade, suffering a major head injury. After the blast, Mike's wife Marno noticed a change in her husband. "He was able to call home once a week for about twenty minutes, started making really odd comments," Marno said.
Iraq War Vet Loses Everything In Condo FireA large fire ripped through more than a half-dozen condos in Uptown Minneapolis Friday morning, sending huge clouds of smoke into the air and one resident to the hospital.
Vet Hit By Vise Calls For Thrower To 'Be A Man'The Bloomington man accused of throwing a vise out his car window pleaded guilty to first-degree assault. The vise crashed into the windshield of an Iraq War veteran, seriously injuring him.
Twin Cities Habitat Launches Veterans OutreachTwin Cities Habitat for Humanity is starting a new effort to help military veterans find affordable housing.
A Brave Transition By A Minn. SoldierSpecialist Ackley is a war veteran who served in Iraq with the 34th Red Bull infantry division in 2009. But a lot has changed since her return two years ago. Specialist John Ackley is now Ashley.
June's Veteran Of The Month: Jeremy WolfstellerJeremy was born April 4, 1978 in Minnesota. Majority of his childhood was spent living in different locations and attending multiple schools around the Twin Cities.
Red Bulls Late Arrival Time Angers FamiliesAnother round of Minnesota Red Bulls are returning home, but some family members are upset about the timing.
Minnesota Red Bull Soldiers Return HomeA fourth wave of Minnesota Red Bull soldiers were welcomed back home Monday.
Hugs, Tears As More Red Bulls ReturnThere were hugs and celebration as a second wave of Minnesota National Guard members returned home over the weekend.
Man Arrested For Throwing Vise Through Windshield Bloomington police arrested a 39-year-old man for allegedly throwing a metal vise through an Iraq War veteran’s windshield and breaking his jaw.