Defendant In Terror Trial Takes The StandOne of the three defendants in the Twin Cities terror trial took the stand Thursday afternoon in his own defense.
Families Clash For 2nd-Straight Day At Terror TrialTensions exploded for the second-consecutive day at a Twin Cities terror trial. Sahra Warsame, the sister of Abdirizak Warsame, was handcuffed and briefly detained Wednesday morning as she and at least 30 others waited to get into court Wednesday morning.
Minneapolis Terror Trial: A TimelineOver the past several years in Minneapolis, federal authorities say 10 young men attempted to provide material support to the terrorist organization ISIS.
Terror Trial Judge Warns Defendant's Mom To Stop ConfrontationsA federal Judge issued a warning to the mother of one of the defendants in the Twin Cities terror trial Tuesday. Abdirahman Daud, Mohamed Farah and Guled Omar are all on trial accused of trying to join ISIS.
FBI Informant To Take Stand In Terrorism Trial Again TuesdayThe FBI's confidential informant will take the stand for the fifth day Tuesday, testifying against three Twin Cities men accused of trying to join ISIS. Abdirahman Daud, Mohamed Farah and Guled Omar are accused of trying to join the terror organization.
Defense Attorneys Take On FBI Informant In Terror TrialThe 20-year-old informant in the Twin Cities terror trial has been paid $100,000 by the FBI for his work.
FBI Informant Begins Third Day Of Testimony In Terror TrialFederal prosecutors continued their questioning of their key witness in the terror trial</a> involving three Minnesota men. Abdirahman Bashir, 20, was an FBI informant who secretly recorded his friends as they discussed plans to allegedly try and join ISIS.
Jury Hears Secret Recordings By FBI Informant In Terror TrialSecret recordings made by a paid informant were played in court Thursday in the trial of three Twin Cities men accused of trying to join ISIS.
Paid FBI Informant Takes The Stand In Terror TrialIn January of 2015, Abdirahman Bashir became an FBI informant and secretly recorded conversations with the three defendants.
Prosecutors Try To Link Terror Suspects With Known ISIS FighterA brief testimony from the sister of a known ISIS fighter on Tuesday underscored one of the key prosecution points in the terror trial of three young Somali-Americans from Minnesota -- that the defendants all tried their hardest to join the fighter in Syria.
Key Witness In Terror Trial Admits To LyingDefense attorneys in the trial of three young Minnesotans accused of trying to join ISIS tried to poke holes in the testimony of a key prosecution witness who has pleaded guilty in the case.
1 Of 10 Men Accused Of Trying To Join ISIS Testifies In Terror CaseFor the first time we're hearing from one of the 10 men arrested in Minnesota for allegedly trying to join ISIS.
Terror Expert Testifies In Minnesota CaseProsecutors have sought to drive home the point that the defendants had to know of the Islamic State's brutality as they plotted to get to Syria.
Parents Of Twin Cities Terror Suspects Speak OutThe mother and father of a young terror suspect went public Thursday to denounce what they say was a prosecution offer of a plea deal that would have required their son to plead guilty to a murder charge.
Another Pleads Guilty To Trying To Join ISISA young terror suspect pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to trying to join the Islamic State.