MPD, Minneapolis Mayor Announce Changes To Police Disciplinary ProcessThe mayor and chief say this is all meant to boost accountability, and make sure disciplinary decisions are upheld.
Mayor Jacob Frey Signs 2021 Budget, Retaining Police Force Head CountThe budget would retain the same number of police officers, after the City Council initially approved a proposal to cut the city's authorized police force to 750 officers beginning in 2022.
300+ Residents Sign Up To Speak At City Council Meeting On Shrinking MPDSome were pleading for City Council members to deliver the reforms they promised after George Floyd's death and others warned it would be irresponsible to cut officers amid soaring crime rates.
Business Leaders Launch Fund To Help Reform Policing Without Cutting OfficersMinneapolis business leaders are stepping up to provide $5 million in private funds to help transform public safety.
Minneapolis Mayor, Police Chief Speak Out Against City Council Proposal To Move $8M Away From MPDWith a battle over the Minneapolis police budget looming, top city leaders made their position clear Monday: Don't take away our officers.
Week Before Election, Minneapolis Opens Two More Early Voting SitesMinneapolis opened two additional early voting sites Tuesday, a week ahead of the Nov. 3 election.
‘A Son Of The Northside’: Mpls. Mayor To Nominate Asst. Chief Bryan Tyner To Lead City’s Fire Dept.Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey wants Assistant Chief Bryan Tyner to be the next leader of the city’s fire department.
Community Activists Say City Leaders Aren't Doing Enough To Quell Minneapolis ViolenceMayor Frey has said officers in the Minneapolis Police Department have been reassigned to fill gaps in the department. The city also launched a violence interrupter initiative that does not involve police.
State Senate GOP Blames Dems For Letting Riots Escalate In New ReportThe report also blames Democrats for identifying with the causes promoted by the demonstrators, causing them to lose sight of their responsibility to protect the public from criminal acts committed during the riots.
Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender: Crime Spike Isn't Connected To Movement To Dismantle MPDLisa Bender, president of the Minneapolis City Council, is answering WCCO’s questions about crime and safety in the city.
New Council Created To Enforce Construction Worker StandardsA new council has been created to protect construction workers rebuilding the Twin Cities, called the Building Dignity and Respects Standards Council. It was introduced by local leaders Tuesday.