Minnesotan To Meet: FutureDude's Jeffrey MorrisScience, education and the arts -- you say those three words and you probably think of teachers or researchers. How about comic book writer and sci-fi movie producer? That's the idea behind local company, FutureDude.
Minnesotan To Meet: Allison Wagner Of Savvy LushAfter a long day, it's sometimes nice to unwind with a glass of wine. But then figuring out what to buy can sometimes launch you right back into the stressful zone. That's why Allison Wagner started the Savvy Lush. At first it was a joke with friends and then morphed into helping people find tasty wines, cheap. But that's not all that makes Allison a Minnesotan to Meet. Her day job also raises significant money for a disease that hits our population hard.
Minnesotan To Meet: Crank Sisters' Martha FlynnLife can take so many twists and turns. For instance, imagine going from a nurse to an IT project manager, or from an inline skater to bike enthusiast. In both cases, that's Martha Flynn, who is now so dedicated to getting other young women to ride bikes, she's in charge of the Crank Sisters.
Minnesotan To Meet: Chuck Runyon, CEO At Anytime FitnessSome of us don't know what we want to do even as a grown up. But one St. Paul native knew right after high school when he jumped into the fitness industry. He could travel the world while learning the in's and out's of the trade. Now Chuck Runyon is the chief executive officer of Anytime Fitness.
Spa Chemical Peel: Is It Worth It?When you think of a chemical peel, estheticians want you to instead think of fast results in terms of putting your best face forward not what you’ve seen in movies.
Dermapen: A Noninvasive Botox Alternative That Could Rejuvenate Your SkinWe headed to Skin Savvy at Wayzata Medical Spa to get answers about Dermapen -- a procedure that sounds scary but could help you avoid Botox.
Expert Shares Affordable Noninvasive Ways To Rejuvenate Your SkinBotox might sound scary or maybe treatments sound too expensive, so this week we're looking at three non-invasive treatments under $400.
Minnesotan To Meet: Vantage School's Chris PearsWhen he first moved to Minnesota, he only knew one thing about the state: it's where Prince was from. But it's the way Chris Pears is revolutionizing education in Minnetonka is what makes him this week's Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Pen Enthusiast Barry RubinHe started his career as a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, but ended up helping ailing businesses turn around. That led to wanting to start his own business – a beverage company.
Get Movin' Monday: Prom Dress TrendsProm can be a stressful time for teenagers. Perhaps the biggest stressor is what to wear. Especially for girls, because those photos seem to stay around forever! Prom dresses usually reflect the year's big trends, and sometimes can even predict the next season's trends.
Minnesotan To Meet: Mpls. NAACP President Nekima Levy-PoundsProfessor Nekima Levy-Pounds is powerful voice for civil rights. She was just named the new President of the NAACP and she played a big role in the recent Black Lives Matter rallies. Now, she's trying to overcome her critics who think she's too focused on police brutality issues.
WCCO Photographer's Son Teaches Jamie Yuccas How To PitchThe Minnesota Twins take on the Detroit Tigers Tuesday night, and WCCO's Jamie Yuccas is getting to throw out the first pitch! One of WCCO's morning photographers, Dave Charest, has a son who is an excellent little league pitcher.
Minnesotan To Meet: Gittelson Jewelers' Father-Son TeamIt's a tiny space with big sparkle, and if you walk the skyway in Downtown Minneapolis, you've likely walked right by it. Gene Gittelson opened his store Gittelson Jewelers 30 years ago, and now his son is following father's footsteps.
Get Movin' Monday: Organize Your ClosetSpring cleaning isn't fun -- especially that disorganized closet! In Minnesota, it's actually important to organize as we move season to season; otherwise you're stuck with sweaters on T-shirt days or vice versa!
'Simon Says Give' Celebrates 3rd Birthday With A Fashion Show"Simon Says Give" likes to celebrate birthdays. They host kids who otherwise wouldn't get a chance to party!