Minnesota Fair Organizers Ready To Do What's Necessary To Carry OnWord that Gov. Tim Walz plans to ease some COVID-19 restrictions next week is giving Minnesotans hope for some highly-missed summer fun.
How Much Does The Internet Know About Us?An extra layer of privacy is now in the hands of iPhone users. The new update should help alleviate the feeling that something is eavesdropping on your conversations.
What Percentage Of People Need To Be Vaccinated To Reach Herd Immunity?For all the progress in getting people vaccinated against COVID-19, about 40% of Americans remain hesitant about getting the shot. That's from a recent CBS News poll.
'I Literally Thought I Was Going To Die': Frightening Night For Friends Who Hit Bear On HighwayTwo friends from central Minnesota are on the mend after hitting a bear on a highway.
After Daunte Wright's Funeral, His Brother Says Fight For Justice Is Just BeginningIn a place that has seen turmoil erupt in the late hours of the night, a sense of peace shined across the area surrounding the Brooklyn Center Police Department Thursday evening.
Parishioners Salvaging Remains Of Historic Northeast Minneapolis Church After Devastating FireA church community is salvaging what it can after a fire earlier this week.
What Happens During Jury Deliberations?After weeks of listening, it's now time for the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial to speak up.
Brooklyn Center Issues Last-Minute Curfew, 100 Protesters Arrested Friday NightCrowds were back on the streets Friday night protesting the police-shooting death of Daunte Wright, and a predominately peaceful night suddenly turned after one of the fences surrounding the police building was momentarily breached.
WCCO Crew Told To Lay On Ground After Guard Disperses ProtestersReg Chapman reports, from Brooklyn Center, that journalists were held and their photos were taken as credentials were checked, after protests of the death of Daunte Wright devolved Friday night.
Daunte Wright Shooting: No Arrests In 5th Night Of ProtestsIt was the most peaceful night of Daunte Wright protests in Brooklyn Center Thursday night with no arrests reported. No pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets or flash bangs were used by police and National Guard.
Daunte Wright Shooting: Demonstrators And Police Clash For 4th Night In Brooklyn CenterFor the fourth consecutive evening, the intersection outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department was the epicenter of calls for justice over the deadly police shooting of Daunte Wright.