With Natural Gas Prices Rising, What Are Efficient Ways To Keep Out The Cold?It won't be long before many Twin Cities homeowners feel the chill of freezing temperatures at night. That likely means heating systems will be cranked.
How Are Wild Turkeys Able To Thrive In The Twin Cities?If a turkey is becoming a problem around your home, the DNR advises you to make loud noises and make yourself look bigger, similar to how you’d react to a bear.
Mass Casualty Simulation Helps Nat'l Guard, Children's Minnesota Practice Treating Kids“This style of training is so critical because simulation really not only provides that realism, so your stress levels go up, and so you learn to build that muscle memory in a situation that you are not used to,” Dr. Samreen Vora said.
Good Samaritan Delivery Driver Helps Stabbing Victim, Then Gets Hit By His Own Car By Thief“The cop is standing next to me. I said, ‘That guy's taking my car!' and then I ran over there … I was right in front of the car. He just floored it right into me and I literally rolled over the top, I fell off the back of my car,” Brandon Augst said.
TSA Trying To Counter Troubling Trend Of Guns Found In Carry-On BagsAs travelers roll through TSA checkpoints at MSP Airport, an average of at least one per week this year has carried with them a prohibited item that puts passengers and staff at risk.
How Does Ranked Choice Voting Work? What Common Mistakes Do Voters Make?Minnesotans go to the polls in just three weeks. In several cities, you don't have to pick just one candidate.
Meet The Man Behind Sven The Reindeer In 'Disney's Frozen': 'It's A Very Taxing Role'“Frozen” on stage brings immense pageantry, leaving audience members’ jaws’ dropped, and eyes wide. But what they don't see is the meticulous preparation and attention to detail that brings an animated fan favorite to life.
How Minnesota's Early Fall 'Micro-Season' Creates Picture-Perfect WeatherIt’s a time of year when there’s often little to no heavy humidity, no blustery winds, and no rain to wash out our plans. Some might simply call it fall, but it’s something more specific than the year’s third season.
Why Are Vaccines Injected Into Our Arms?Vaccine injection is nothing new, especially during flu season. But it still has us wondering. Why are vaccines injected into our arms?
Why Are Some Spring Flowers Blooming Now? And Where's The Frost?The calendar says it's fall but that's not what it feels like when we step outside. These balmy temperatures are leaving some plants confused.
Proctor High School Football Season Canceled Due To Student Misconduct AllegationsThe school superintendent said the decision to cancel the season comes after consulting with police, the Minnesota State High School League and lawyers.