What You Should Wear When Running A MarathonThe Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon is less than two weeks away. Though the presumption is that you need to really loosen the purse strings to buy the appropriate pieces of clothing for running, the truth is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get the right kind of gear.
How To Gear Up For The Twin Cities MarathonThe Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon is less than two weeks away, and all this week we'll be giving tips to help you make sure you're ready to run. You may think running a marathon is just about running, but there's actually much more that goes into it.
Best Running Clubs In MinnesotaFinding the perfect running group can be difficult, but with these five groups, the choice becomes a bit easier.
Jogger Shot By Pellet Gun, Turns Suspects In With Cell Phone PicA jogger's quick thinking helped police catch two guys accused of shooting her with a pellet gun.
How To Break In Your New Running ShoesThe first Wednesday of June is National Running Day. If you're using this opportunity to start a new running routine and just got a new pair of shoes for the effort, here are some tips on how to break those shoes in.
Find The Right Shoes For National Running DayThe first Wednesday in June is designated as National Running Day, which means it's time to get your running shoes on.
MN Man About To Run Across U.S. ... AgainAs though doing it once wasn't enough, a Minnesota man is preparing to run across the United States again.
Besides Dedication, What You Need For Winter RunningThis time of year can be difficult to find the motivation and the right conditions outside to stay active. But going out for a jog doesn't have to be uncomfortable when it's cold.
Good Question: Is Running A Marathon Healthy?The Twin Cities Marathon is this weekend and thousands of runners will test their physical limits. It's something nearly half a million Americans do every year. But, is running a marathon healthy?
State Senator Struck By Car Released From HospitalA Minnesota Senator who was hit by a car while jogging has been discharged from the hospital Thursday.
Sen. Jungbauer Hit By Car While JoggingA Minnesota Senator was hit by a car while out for a morning jog Wednesday.